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  1. oskar55

    Border run

    how many visa exempt entries via flight are allowed per year?
  2. So what do people usually do if they're coming to thailand looking for a EFL job, who come with a one-way ticket to thailand on a tourist visa, or on a visa-exempt?
  3. wow thanks! so i'd go to immigration office where i'd extended it the first time. and does it matter when you go to try to get the 2nd extension?
  4. I dont understand. If I come using the visa-exemption, I'd need to show an officer in thailand that I'm leaving within 30 days? Which airports are the cheapest to fly to as 'proof' that you're leaving? What if i say that i am extending it..? Also, could you tell me what the typical tourist staying in thailand does, you know, the guys who do the border runs every 90 days? Do they need flights out?
  5. But would I get accepted for a tourist visa if i put my one-way ticket flight information in the envelope?
  6. If I want to come to thailand and start living there for a while doing border runs, would I get approved for a tourist visa while I'm still here in USA? It says on the tourist visa application that you need a flight both ways but I wanna make sure. Would a tourist visa get approved with a one way flight, or would it be a better option to just come on a visa-exemption, and not apply for a tourist visa?
  7. Well i do plan on making future visits and doing border runs until I finish university and can get a work permit to stay without border runs. If I did indeed overstay 1-2 days would it effect me?
  8. i'd be fine with paying 1k, but would it impact my future coming to thailand? like would they be putting anything on my passport like a blackmark? would i be interviewed the next time i come to thailand about my overstay?
  9. I'm planning a 3 month trip this summer and just wondering if I got the flight dates wrong and my departure happened to be say, 2 days after my stamp expires, so a 2 day overstay before leaving thailand. What would be the punishment typically? Not playing on overstaying as I'm planning on booking carefully but I wanna be informed.
  10. At the bottom of the application it says everything must be filled. What if you dont have references what would you do?
  11. http://thaiembdc.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Visa-Form.pdf 'place to stay in thailand' and also 'telephone number' also do the other ones matter? like the references, how long stay, etc
  12. Hello, on my tourist visa application where it asks for residence - which should I put? When i arrive, I'll be staying in a hotel for a night and then the rest of my stay will be in my girlfriend's apartment in bangkok. Which address should I put? Does it really matter?
  13. @udonjoe would they accept a tourist visa application with a one-way ticket and a note saying you're gonna leave by land when the visa expires?
  14. How did you get a job offer outside of thailand? Or were you in thailand already on a tourist visa, and re-entered with the B visa?