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  1. But, but, but....You can’t say that as it is not being helpful nor kind. It’s not like the country can’t afford Cindy getting unhappy with us all and locking our wonderful team of five million down as Princess Cindy has those ever producing money trees in her magic garden to keep us all happy and content in drunken spree wonderment. I think you should join hands with your closest fellow Kiwis and sing a round of Kumbaya as penance for your unkind comment and rejoice that our wonderful world renowned leader has solved child providee, built 10,000 homes in no time to solve the housing crisis, l
  2. Good reasons for Britain leaving the EU? Apart from the obvious, like your own sovereignty and as Covid runs riot through the Frog rugby team and England is vaccinating flat out is thank God Brits aren’t fronting up to the massive trade deficit the Frogs are. Another failing EU state the Germans will have to prop up without the Brits help.
  3. “A broad ruling by high court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, ” Its time the US stopped all the bull <deleted> and call it what it is...it’s not conservatism....conservative meaning to protect or uphold the status quo. In a country where slavery was the status quo and blacks being only worth 3/5ths of a whitey is the status quo then being conservative is pure straight out racism against black Americans. And nowhere is that more obvious than what the RepubliKKKlan controlled states like Georgia are this week doing pushing through new statues to limit the Black vote outcome a
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