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  1. The smaller national airlines will survive and come back strong and with support from the individual country lawmakers should stay clear of any global proposal. The airlines to regrow internationally while the individual country lawmakers keep global brands out. Likes of AirNZ has a strong and mostly sole operator domestic market to get back on its feet again, and being half government owned and a strong balance sheet for both the airline and country prior to Covid 19, they can take the hit for a couple of years while their international bussiness rebuilds. With several countries (a lot of the island nations...Aussie, Japan, NZ to name a few) being able to show better leadership than the moronic so called world super powers, and get on top of Covid 19 there is opportunity for those countries to open international flights between each other earlier. Keep some strong standards and controls in place and it can be achieved. And international is not only people but perishable produce for export earnings.
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