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  1. Well done Singapore for taking the lead. Perhaps law criminalising possession of Ivory, no matter how old, would be appropriate.
  2. Many variables with cycling that Strava can't take in to account. A Quality road surface equates to less friction, but even more importantly is the quality of the bike. A 3000b hybrid from big c will take a lot more energy than a high end road bike, where 10km will pass on the flat without the least exertion. Strava a for bikes is useful for comparing against your own previous efforts, but not much more. Walking or running on the other hand is simply weight X distance travelled, and perhaps slightly modified for in inclines.
  3. Kcals walking is simply a function of weight and distance traveled. For say 70kg person walking or running 10km would equate to fought 600kcal. If you are only riding 20km I'll make the assumption there are no serious hills included. You would burn far less than by walking 10km.
  4. Dems strategy in government was to sit on their hands for 8 years. Now they see their role in opposition as preventing the current government from achieving anything, as they know that every time the Trump government successfully implements a policy it is invariable helpful for the bulk of the population. Everything possible must be done to block this, as each additional piece of legislation serves to further highlight the ineptitude of the Dems when they held power.
  5. Hard to remember a more incompetent act by any state of federal government in Australia. Dan Andrews and co have single handedly set back the economic recovery immeasurably, not to mention the direct costs borne by all Australian taxpayers to bail out those in Victoria whose jobs were destroyed by these inept clowns. To add insult to injury, Andrews now refuses to answer any reasonable questioning, cowering behind what he says is his shield of an inquiry in progress. He implemented this inquiry for the sole reason of avoiding questions, and even the head of the enquiry says that he can be questioned as it is not a judicial inquiry. Yet still he cowers and refuses to take responsibility for perhaps the greatest stuff up in the last 50 years.
  6. Who really cares if he's not the most articulate guy. Covid aside, the economic miracle over which he has presided shows he's easily the finest mind in US politics.
  7. The efficacy of this drug in preventing Covid remains ambiguous, however clinical trials have demonstrated that the mere mention of the name will trigger TDS in a relatively large proportion of the community.
  8. To paraphrase Stewie from family guy, "How did the world not notice that Patrick Swayze played a pedo?"
  9. Consumer boycott of this and other delivery companies would be nice, until they stop terrorising the roads. Pretty fair bet that the imbecile that passes you at video game speeds will be wearing a grab outfit or similar. Doubtful there's stats for how many accidents they cause, but no doubt it's many. They need to learn to care about other people before they expect others to care about them.
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