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  1. It is my understanding that one needs to do this ridiculous form even if one has been away for 2 days, including doing it at the place you were at for a day ! The whole object being that your whereabouts should be registered at all times
  2. Jack must deserve at least $10.5 by now to compensate for all the hardship he had to endure NOT
  3. Case 3 sounds like a severe threat to humanity, glad to hear she is off the streets, Phew
  4. Surprised that no-one tried to open it with an acetylene cutter They must be learning !
  5. Thailand,s main airport is an absolute disgrace, and clearly shows the disregard that Thais have for visitors. For many people, it would be their first impression of the rampant lack of facilities afforded to tourists, and clearly the lack of staff behind desks is a major factor
  6. When are these politicians going to get real ? Boris, forget about political correctness and drop-kick Macron in the n**s ! France is the enemy, why did we help them ?
  7. I remember someone once telling me that if the rich people gave all their money to the poor people, they would have it all back within a month
  8. The vultures are circling. One hundred million dollars for being molested, what a joke ! As Robert Burns once said "Tis an ill wind that blows nobody any good"
  9. What,s the big deal ? Everyone makes a mistake now and then, just admit it, get over it, and move on !
  10. Everyone board in Thailand, because overall it beats all the neighbouring countries
  11. I was there for the whole thing, about 50 metres in front of the stage, and they were right about the bad acid
  12. Probably to make room for some more Chinese casinos
  13. In addition to the above mentioned, a large water storage tank was installed upstairs, but probably the worst nail was hammered into the coffin when a structural (load bearing) column was removed in front of the reception area because it was "in the way" !
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