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  1. This virus is extremely intelligent, rubbing it,s many legs together with glee at the prospect of a free trip on an envelope all over the world I tried to send to New Zealand yesterday, as my virus wanted to go skiing in Queenstown, but alas denied
  2. By insisting on having an insurance policy for $100,000 the ever friendly Thai government are in effect banning any not having such a policy, an extremely short sighted idea in my opinion
  3. Could that possibly be because racism is very often a product of experience ?
  4. One thing they could do is stop the ridiculous practice of teaching Thai children from an extremely early age that they are the world,s most superior people, and that Farangs are not even human beings ! Such a level of arrogance from a race of people who are among the most ignorant and poorly educated in the world does not provide a suitable basis for good relations between asians and westerners. Unfortunately children only a few years old believe everything they are taught, not having developed the ability to tell fact from fiction
  5. A completely self serving statement, since they have to justify their existence
  6. I still don,t know anyone who knows anyone who was affected by this extremely elusive virus, and in my opinion the whole exercise was completely unnecessary, a planned media driven scaremongering drive so that some group of persons could make billions on vaccines
  7. In my opinion life in jail for this maggot parasite. Between forging credentials enabling them to pilot passenger airlines and flooding the world with overpriced restaurants the world would be a better place if they all stayed at home, where they could cheerfully pull scams on each other.
  8. Alas, being a dedicated dyed in the wool face reader, I look at this guy and think ...............
  9. Don,t forget the $3,000 deposit on arrival, and the small likelihood of getting it back
  10. People attract people, let them all in and make them all feel very welcome
  11. Allowing people in first, who are already sick, just does not sound like a very sound idea to me Let the healthy happy tourists in first
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