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  1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks again for your input and offer to put me in contact with someone who may be able to help. Alas I am not computer savvy and when you say “contact you using PM” I am afraid I do not know what is “PM”. I am hoping to sort this out next week, and if you can detail a means of contact that I can pursue that would be most helpful. Again sincere thanks
  2. Hi Jeffrey, I do believe you are completely correct, and this has been the situation for the past many years. I have today been advised by a major law company to take the license holder to the Tax Office in Laemchabang and find out what is wrong. As stated in another reply, my humble little open-air bar has now been listed by my lawyer as a disco ! Very strange indeed, no music and an average net of not much over 150,000 after legal-rate wages paid. Thank you for your reply.
  3. Alas not so. This 1/12 is not being applied and the 1,500% increase will continue until I can find out what is wrong. The bar is just a small open-air beer bar, but for some strange reason my lawyer has listed it as a disco !!!
  4. Hi Thomas, do you have any idea of how much is the "threshold" amount, as the first thing I look at is whether I have made enough to pay the day,s wages ? I would say that 85% of the small bars in Pattaya are losing money for 10 months of the year, excluding December and January in the "High Season". Any info would be most helpful
  5. Being one of around 6,000 small bar/restaurant owners, selling beer and food (4mtrs X 8mtrs), I was recently informed by my lawyer,s office that my business taxes were now to be paid monthly instead of at the end of the year, in Sriracha, effectively raising my taxes by around 1,500% I have asked numerous other small bar owners if they knew anything about this, and was met with blank stares. Some even contacted their accountants, who seemed to be completely unknowing as to this new change. Has anyone else out there had any similar experience, or any information on the subject ?
  6. I do believe Hun Sen was a former employee of Pol Pot, really !!!
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