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  1. A macabre subject to think about, but surely it is time for the powers that be to start looking at the number of suicides (probably covid related) against the number of deaths attributed to the virus ! The number of people dying in dire financial distress is rapidly growing, and should this surpass the other then it is surely time to think about relaxing these ridiculous restrictions.
  2. As the awakening poet said "This is going from bed to verse", only serving to make the overall tourist situation worser and worser A law should be passed that prevents people in positions of power from taking advantage of adverse situations for personal gain !
  3. Whatever happened to the realization that the Chinese were the paragons of "Zero Baht Tourists", who paid for everything in China and spent next to nothing here ? The main spenders here were the Europeans, Americans, Russians, and Australians, but the authorities here seem to have their heads where the sun never shines, incapable of coming out with any sensible realistic solutions
  4. In the early eighties literally tens of thousands of elaborately dressed Thai ladies thronged the streets of Pattaya, especially Beach Road, for this festival. Last year I saw 2 people, a sad reflection on these changing times Is it just me, or have we entered an era where there is not a lot to feel happy about. Personally I felt elated when Khun Anand Panyarachun held the reins
  5. "They are expected to generate 2.1 Billion Baht" ! What is it with Thais and money ? It seems that is ALL they care about, how much they can make out of you
  6. Oh no, not another few dozen ! How will the infrastructure handle this surge ?
  7. Relating to the original post, it would seem to me that the decimation of tourism has not been caused by the "pandemic", but by the ridiculous over reactive regulations caused by the media spin on it
  8. Perhaps the Tourist Authority should leap on this opportunity and promote visits by white-water canoeists
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