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  1. I have read and heard many idiotic statements concerning Covid over the months here in Thailand however this one is beyond stupid, as the main symptoms of Covid are difficulty breathing and severe fatigue who in Gods name is going to be wanting sex feeling like that.
  2. The country is falling apart due to government incompetence, but the PM is worried about the possibility of a couple of weeks illegal gambling. Was their gamble on the nation's health and wellbeing legal??
  3. I would imagine that there's very few who are surprised by this, if you have 1 functioning brain cell this has been obvious for weeks.
  4. They only forgot 1 word, after everyone "IMPORTANT " the rest of us do not matter.
  5. I don't think there will be many disappointed because I don't think that there's much chance that anybody apart from the foolhardy or downright stupid had booked
  6. Reading this I take it all the schools were closed during your childhood
  7. When I lived and worked in the UK for 62 years, 47 of which I worked full time paying tax and National insurance, as a non welfare benefit receiver English born citizen, I am fully aware of being 2nd class in one's own country, not treated much worse here.
  8. I did mine 2 days ago due on 21st got the usual pending then approved in 24 hours, always worth trying a couple of times before giving up and going in person, really is a pain sometimes works sometimes doesn't, TIT.
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