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  1. Converse is also true. Not all local sellers are bad either. Would never say my Thai is fluent, so I don't waste time vetting sellers information in Thai. Price can be a good indicator but the better grifters know this all too well. Sometimes you're lucky when you gamble.
  2. Want to buy a Chinese helicopter? Just buy a rai of land and wait.
  3. Cycling of the pressure switch can occur if the integrity of the system is compromised i.e. no leaks. This can be overcome by using a bladder tank for storage or adding a float switch in a buffer storage tank. Both around the same price but the latter is less maintenance. The latter would need to include an additional pump from the buffer tank.
  4. Shouldn't need one for such simple tasks. Doesn't bode well for the BSc standard if all they can do is perform mundane tasks.
  5. The guy was much more of a danger to the public than the dog. Seldom met a Thai that can build a square structure. Let alone 'build a castle'. Discharging a firearm in a public place (unless in defence) deserves jailtime.
  6. Doesn't indicate that 'ground' is/should also be a bus connection. Picky? Yes I know!
  7. Not a panacea for all ills. A while ago my issues where precisely because I had local PO Box.
  8. You're advised the name of the seller before you confirm the order. Suppose you could google that and also look at the reviews (which are rarely negative). Have ordered quite a few things from Lazada and only been let down once. A lower rate than buying from some malls and it wasn't a total disappointment. I always check veracity of 'shipped from overseas'.
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