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  1. As you're so affluent, why not help the guy out? Surely you could raise a profit in organizing a 'go fund me' page. Your time is a worthy expense after all. That said. How do you know it's not just a compatriot grifter?
  2. What variant of a generic AT tire are you looking for? Some are biased for metaled roads with others biased for different off-road conditions. You don't specify which backroad you're willing to drive. Cost of the tires doesn't maketh the driver. 3 years back I dumped my Dueler 684's because I didn't like them for their highway or marginal off-road performance. My alternate choice was more based on cost than rhetoric. I was offered Dunlop AT25's for 15,000 THB with a subtraction of 8,000 THB for the Duelers. A total cost to me of 7,000 THB. Not being a tire expert I got the AT25's, just to trial them. They were far superior to the Duelers: lower noise, a more compliant ride and to cap it all, they took me to the Tiramisu Waterfalls during a few days of rain. Last Saturday, bought a new set after 55,000 kilometers - 18,000 THB less 3,000 THB for the old tires.
  3. Not one fact stated in support of your position on this. Where's your evidence they aren't doing what's alleged?
  4. Some may have a concern that (at some time) immigration could facilitate a crosspatch into the system. Your phone will give your position to within 3m of your actual location. Something they have wanted to do to foreigners for a long time. Many reductions of civil liberties around the world are being promulgated under cover of "it's for the good of all," thanks to the virus.
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