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  1. Hard to believe you don't have an ideal car. Whether it's based on a particular country or marque, I know what I like. Nowadays and especially here I choose something based on work content rather than preference and sometimes I see something that catches my eye. After that I spend a long time looking at viable options and a lot of time is spent researching before buying into a project. What parts are available? Also good folks that can move metal are as rare as manure from a 'rocking horse'. Then, there's the mechanics. Having an idea of what you want and your limitations for rebuilding/repairing your choice is important. I've picked up things seen when driving past on the highway. In the short term, other than investing in a true classic (and getting a good deal) it's difficult to make a buck with a quick flip. Particularly if you don't know the market. I do stuff for fun and have more invested than I'll ever recover. But I can sit back and say 'I built that' and then go drive it as I choose (excluding rainy days). Happy Hunting.
  2. It's a belt. Not a chain. It could be interpreted that the enquiry is about potential failures of a 4 year old truck. Not service periodicity defined by the handbook. Service periodicity does not preclude systemic failures which aren't foreseen at design ratification. Although it can be updated as a result of empirical 'in service' data.
  3. It used to be the most popular small car in Europe. Drove several and fitted with the right sized engine I liked it. Then along came 'environmental requirements' and the upgrades didn't adapt well with a retrospective design. Kudos to Ford for accepting their heritage and expertise to do what they're good at, rather than be dictated to.
  4. What where the warranty issues? I had timing and seat cover issues. Others have had similar and more' Battery is warrantied for 1 year. Tires simply aren't covered at all. Localised dealers may help you out though as a (future) sales promotion. Generally I consider any associated area to that requiring the attention of a Thai to be a potential problem and I don't restrict that consideration to autos.
  5. Guessing the offending mutt is more than five days old. Probably thinks it found the bar bitch of the season close to your home. Probably gone home already. Until next time! If you're close to a 'lady bar' the problems never stop.
  6. Sensible approach to identify the problem Just ensure all interested parties (with their paparazzi's kit) are present at the unveiling.
  7. Almost all are completely eviscerated which means the gravy's lacking. Most tend to come with feet and heads attached though. #2 pretty much nailed it but didn't mention Makro where frozen capons are available.
  8. And the differential in Thailand is?
  9. Doesn't matter if folks agree or disagree with the results of a referendum. It's the duty of politicians to bi-laterally carry the mandate of the majority (of voters) to fruition in a true democracy. Not many of those in the Western World at the moment.
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