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  1. Live off it for two hours after you eat the plate of Som Tam you could afford with the interest dividend accrued. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Happens all over the world, a form of racism. See in this tube that was shown at a training session at my company the waitress refuses to respond to “foreigners” speaking Japanese and instead talks to the Asian American woman who does not speak Japanese.
  3. This makes no sense at all. They sat they can’t print a copy. Now if the Condo files the TM30 I still have to go to the Immigration office to do it AGAIN for the same entry anyway?
  4. That is basically what I did when I was told I had to buy a ticket back to my home country, I which I flat refused to do. They call airline staff to get you boarding pass and send you packing.
  5. I am the owner and user of the condo TM30 IS responsibility. This condo has been an apparent subject of interest due to many illegal Air n B Chinese trying to crack down but it is a complex issue.
  6. I could but would prefer to avoid. In my experience it took 5 minutes to several hours. To update the TM30 and staple it in my passport promenada was a madhouse. Maybe better now at new building? The condo wants to do the TM30, which is convenient. Police checks? I only have a copy on me but friends who can fetch the pp in case I was stopped. We also check in each other at least once a day, a buddy system. I guess my question should be do the Chiang Mai police care if I don't have a TM30 stapled into my passport?
  7. The TM30 problem for me appears to have been solved. I am the owner. Now my condo front desk is keen to copy my passport every time me I arrive in Chiang Mai and insist I need not go to Promenada But there is no receipt? They say Mai dai. (Cannot).
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