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  1. For the past couple of months I have been purchasing Peter Vella wine at Makro. It has been off the shelf now for about 3 weeks. I have checked at both Big C and Tesco Lotus and they also don't have it. Does anyone know where you can still purchase the 2 litre RED wine or has it been discontinued in Thailand?
  2. Just goes to show you what a hypocrite Obama is. Trudeau was found to have been in "blackface" numerous times but Obama still supports him. If it had been Trump, Obama would have been calling for his crucifixion. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/breaking-video-of-trudeau-in-blackface-emerges/
  3. Sfokevin, Now that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. If Congress had the right to decide what Trump's crime was they would say it was being born. If you recall it was the FBI not Congress that gave Hillary a pass on her destruction of evidence even though the emails and devices were part of a congressional Subpoena. The Justice Department not Congress is the one to make the determination if there is probably evidence that a crime has been committed and if it is determined that there was to initiated prosecution. Congress can only "impeach" They are accusing Trump of an "abuse" of power even though the Democrats in Congress were far far far more explicit in their extortion of Ukraine to investigate Trump. This is a totally fabricated charge designed only to keep it in the News Media.
  4. Sujo, Again the Justice Department found NO CRIME Also, if it is a crime, then how what about prosecuting the Democrats for blatantly coercing Ukraine to investigate Trump. Or as an anti-Trumper it is OK for Hillary and the DNC to hire a former British spy to dig up dirt on Trump and the Congress to pressure Ukraine.
  5. Sujo, It is you who needs to learn how to read. If it was a crime, then the Justice Department would investigate it. If it is not "a crime" then then there is no "high crimes or misdemeanor" required to impeach. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/justice-dept-found-trump-didnt-commit-a-campaign-finance-crime-raised-by-whistleblower
  6. This says everything you need to know. What prosecutor would even investigate when the subject of the fictional coercion even states that there was no quid pro quo, no blackmail, and he felt no pressure. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-10-10/ukraine-zelensky-trump-impeachment
  7. OPL, well if Europe is invaded perhaps you can just call on France. They were so instrumental in both WWI and WWII. In the case of the Kurds perhaps you can just get the leaders of Europe to send transports to bring them all to Europe since it seems to be intent on cultural suicide and turning itself into an Islamic state. Why launch a Jihad to form a Caliphate when the Europeans are willing to give them that and pay them welfare benefits to boot.
  8. LOL You must be a Hillary fan. You are like all anti-Trumpers. If he stayed in Syria he would be a war monger, if he leaves he is a coward abandoning the Kurds. Perhaps the USA should end its support of sending LPG and Natural gas to Europe and let it support itself on supplies from Russia and see how that works out. I for one, and sick of the European ingrates who spend virtually nothing to protect their economic interest but expect the USA to be their mercenaries protecting their oil supplies, and defense. I see no other countries spending billions of dollars and sacrificing its young to protect the vital interests of their own country let alone support the USA. Even countries like Germany, and Canada are nothing more than jealous cousins who rely on the USA but have no problem being Brutas and stabbing the USA in the back each chance they get. It is a good thing for Europe that I am not in charge of the USA for I would say its time for them to grow up and pay for their own defense. As for who was in Russia's pocket one only need to be reminded of Obama telling Medvedev to convey to Putin he would have "more flexibility" after being re-elected.
  9. OPL, I would not have USA troops in Saudi Arabia either. As stated, the USA is energy independent and though it may be an inconvenience it is time for those regions who are far more dependent on Middle Eastern oil to step up and send troops and not their mouths about what the USA should or should not do. I have said it before, when your country starts bringing home its young men and women in body bags, you have skin in the game. Until then, you are just a group of complainers that expects the USA to be your bodyguards and the policeman of the world. It is easy to sit on the sideline and expect the USA to protect the world from evil. Perhaps if Russia was to invade Europe and the USA would sit on its hands like Europe is doing in the Middle East you would view things differently. As stated, the Middle East is a hell hole. It will be "contained" only so long as the USA has troops there. Once we leave it will revert back to to the squalor and misery it was and I for one have no desire to have my grandchildren or great grand children stationed there 75 years from now so that we can "protect them". Their country, their problems.
  10. OPL LOL. Oh were the consequences of the USA Economic Interest the reason that the majority of the world does not speak German today? Or do you forget about WWI and WWII. In terms of the Middle East as stated, the oil in the Middle East is far far far more important to the rest of the world than it is to the USA. The USA now is a net oil exporter and if necessary could support itself. Of course Europe would be SOL but perhaps the USA should not care about that either. Again if Europe thinks it is so important to protect the Kurds no one is stopping them from sending troops and losing the lives of its young citizens for a region that once you depart will degrade back into the hell hole it was before you arrived. The USA should have never been in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria but we were. So stop blaming Trump for trying to end the ludicrous nature of the USA trying to control a region of the world that it can not. I for one am sick of the pictures such as attached. Perhaps if you get off your sanctimonious pedestal send some troops and have your young citizens come back like this, you will feel the same. Time to end it.
  11. OPL That is apples to oranges. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy for Europe to sell arms to Turkey and then chastise the USA for not sending troops to defend against them. If you and your sanctimonious Europeans care THEN SEND TROOPS. Don't say to the USA "WE THINK" it is right for you to spill your soldiers blood and spend billions while we sit on our hands and merely criticize you from a safe distance. WWII ended almost 3/4 of a century ago, and the USA still has over 40,000 troops and 36 military bases in Germany. HOW LONG DOES SOMEONE STAY before saying, we should not have been there in the first place and get out.
  12. Bristolboy, Yes the USA has sold arms to Turkey? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Turkey was a major ally. Again, if Europe is so sanctimonious on guarding the Kurds, no one is stopping them from sending in troops to protect them. It is hypocritical for them to sell arms to Turkey, then chastise the USA for pulling out of the region. Again, HOW LONG SHOULD THE USA PROTECT THE KURDS. WWII ended in 1945 and the USA is still picking up the tab to have 36 military bases with over 40,000 troops in Germany. Eventually you have to say, not my monkey, not my circus and leave. It has already cost the USA an estimated $275 Billion. Easy for other countries to say, there is a bully in Turkey, we won't lend a hand but USA go in spend your money and sacrifice your citizens.
  13. OPL, Germany and France were exporting weapons to Turkey. You mean the fact that they have discontinued it somehow negates the weapons already in Turkish possession. Where are those EUROPEAN troops guarding the Kurds. As for the U.N. yes I incorrectly said the U.N. when I meant NATO which is guarding Europe. The USA is shouldering over 70% of NATO which essentially is a shield for Europe not the USA. Most of the countries do not pay their share and what they do pay is paltry. Look at Germany and France.
  14. OPL, The USA is a net exporter of oil. The top export destinations of Saudi Arabia are China ($29.1B), Japan ($25B), India ($19.4B), South Korea ($17.7B). In terms of paying the bill, Europe has never even met its obligations to the U.N. let alone compensated the USA for protecting any region in the world. Again, if you are so sanctimonious why are you not chastizing the Germans and French who are supplying Turkey with its arms and again where are 'YOUR TROOPS' shedding their blood to protect the Kurds.
  15. OPL, Two things. Saudi Arabia is vital to the world as a major oil exporter. Syria is not. Second, Saudi's are paying the USA for the protection. Again, if the world is so outraged, WHERE ARE THEIR TROOPS. It is very easy to say to the USA go ahead and serve as the worlds policeman and we will benefit by your protection without laying out a single dollar or shedding a single life. The USA should have never been involved in the Middle East either it Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria but not that they are there, how long do you compound the mistake, It has already been 18 years in Afghanistan and many trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives. Eventually you have to say, sorry your region, your problem.
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