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  1. The U.S. Embassy provides a list of translation services with the disclaimer that they are not recommendation but merely informational as to their existence. It would seem that Norway if it really wanted to provide "service" to its citizens could do the same. Obviously they have had documents presented that were translated and could provide merely an information list so that each citizen did not spend countless hours trying to hunt down a service.
  2. The US Embassy provides a list of translation service companies to assist its citizens. The Norwegian Embassy would not even say if their were any Norwegian translation services available in Thailand. They only commented they were difficult to find. No Crap.
  3. True but we are living here in Thailand.
  4. I am guessing that you are right. I was just wondering about getting a document not translated in Thailand legalized by Thailand.
  5. Tried that. Even called the embassy. So far no one does Norwegian. There must be someone obviously
  6. We called the Norwegian consulate in Pattaya and the Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok. They say they can not give recommendations. We only asked for options. We have called all of the Translations services in Bangkok that were listed on the U.S. embassy site in Bangkok. None translate Norwegian. So we can find plenty of translation services. But none so far that translate from Norwegian.
  7. I am engaged to a Thai woman. She was divorced in Norway and in order to get a single certificate we need to get a copy of her divorce decree translated. Does anyone know a translation service for Norwegian?
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