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  1. I have an AC which is a Carrier which is about 15 years old. It is a 30,000 BTU unit which I think is much larger than it needed to be. Attached is a diagram of the room areas. It is a combined Kitchen and Living Room. Each of those areas is approximately 16 square meters. The AC Wall unit sits in the wall as shown in the living room. It truly is the area that the aC is important in given that little time is really spent in the kitchen/dining area. There is no wall that separates the two areas only a bar seating area so the kitchen gets it AC from the wall unit in the living room.
  2. choudoufu Again you BLAME TRUMP I ask you specifically what could he do to prevent it. Also if Sweden did nothing and had a lower death rate if effectively refutes your contention that doing anything has a positive impact. Or perhaps you can't grasp that. Also please explain how Trump could over rule the governors. The governors not the federal government control each states. Perhaps you should blame them.
  3. StevenL Choudoufu Governors Not Trump set the rules for their respective states. https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1564
  4. StevenL I am asking you specifically to elaborate what Trump should have done to prevent or mitigate the coronavirus Gosh notice the FACTS that the states with high covid death rates WERE ALL DEMOCRAT. Tell me you tell me specifically what Trump could have done to order New York governor CUOMO and New Jersy governor Murphy to change THEIR policies to prevent the Covid deaths in their states. Oh but I forget you blame Trump but not Cuomo and Murphy even though it was the latter that controlled Covid measures for their respective states.
  5. ChouDoufu You are like every liberal I ever met. Conrfont them to answer and they can't Again, you are so smart tell me exactly how Trump could have prevented the virus. Again, if Trump is at fault, then so are the leaders of every nation on earth to their response since there are deaths all over the world. Sweden did absolutely nothing and their death rate is lower than the USA. So that pretty well refutes you logic that DOING SOMETHING had any effect at all. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
  6. ChouDoufu, Again you blame Trump that means you believe he did something wrong. JUST EXACTLY WHAT WAS HE SUPPOSE TO DO TO PREVENT THE CORONAVIRUS.? i WILL WAIT FOR YOUR RESPONSE. I guess you don't blame the people who put those at risk in nursing homes exposing them to the virus. I suppose you don't blame those who left their homes to go out without a mask. I suppose you don't blame those who rioted in droves in the streets exposing themselves to the virus. I suppose you don't blame those who hosted parties at their homes. Here is what the EXPERTS predicted If we do ev
  7. ChouDoufu So it is Trumps fault. Tell me exactly how Trump was "suppose" to stop the virus from entering the USA. While you are at it, tell me why the leaders of these countries are also not being condemned. Or are you like most liberals and Everything that is bad is Trumps fault. OH PS. The US has 50 states that are run by their own governors and millions of cities controlled by its mayors. THEY NOT TRUMP set the guidelines for coronavirus response. Cuomo in New York MANDATED that Covid patients be put back into nursing homes. New York and New Jersey have the most covid dea
  8. I would check out the cost of having it done versus doing it yourself. You can buy a pretty inexpensive flat bed scanner like this one. Some like the Brother models at Officemate will be multi function as a printer and scanner with automatic document feeds.
  9. Not a problem, I just see that 300 Chinese tourist arrived in Thailand
  10. Wow 300 Did anyone notify all the hotels, tour operators, restaurants to staff up for the surge.
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