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  1. Maybe The USA banks were extremely strong in 2007 until they were not in 2008. As a former banker banks are a mirror of the economy. When the economy is strong businesses and consumers borrow and they repay those loans because their profits are good. When the economy suffers and people are unemployed they lack the cash flow to repay their loans. I see a huge number of shuttered businesses. Most likely those businesses did not purchase all of their assets for cash and they are fully paid. You have personal consumers with homes/cars who have lost their jobs and income. I know
  2. I don't disagree that is more difficult but the rules are those of Mastercard and Visa and you can always appeal directly to them. I can only tell you that I contested a charge for airline tickets who cancelled a flight and then wanted to give only credit towards a future flight rather than a refund. The airline refused to budge. Filed a dispute and had to call a couple of times to SCB but eventually the charge was reversed.
  3. I never thought of that. They are not protecting the public from me potentially infecting them. They are protecting me from being infected by them. Why then only the two week quarantine. Perhaps we should suggest they quarantine all tourists for the duration of their visa?
  4. They should have saved their money on the projection and just used one of the online sites. Thinking that the number of vaccinated Thais is a causal factor in tourist travel to Thailand is just nutty. It ignores all of the important factors such as availability and cost of flights. The world situation as it relates to Covid infections. The exchange rate of the baht. Most importantly the continued requirement that incoming tourists have to sit in quarantine before beginning their holiday in Thailand.
  5. I have purchased numerous used BMW's online in the USA never even seeing the cars. I always do the same thing. I strike my deal conditioned on the car being inspected by an actual dealer. I pay for the inspection. If the inspection comes back with no negatives that would stop me from wanting the car, I complete the purchase. I have yet to have an inspection that showcased anything more than minor items. I never had a bad one. If a person balks at letting me have the car inspected by a dealer, the deal goes not further. I have rarely had anyone not agree. I did however have such an
  6. I thought the main reasons were married couples riding in cars together without masks on and people drinking alcohol while dining in restaurants.
  7. This was a response to a person who was proudly announcing that he used a card for his purchases because he got "rewards" I pointed out that those "rewards" are not free and that the merchant gets those added to his bill. That led to a post on the various charges merchants are assessed in Thailand and I replied that is different than the charges a merchant gets in the USA. You happened to come in at the end of the thread.
  8. That is entirely possible. I can only tell you my experience in the USA. Usually small merchants go through some sort of cooperative or association who negotiates with the card companies. That way lets say it was the California retailers association, they have a massive volume when you combine all the retailers together. Now the association takes a small percentage to combine all the charges and negotiate on behalf of its members. However, from my experience every type of card you take charged you a monthly account fee. Whether you had 1 charge or 1,000 charges per month it was so much j
  9. If you are signing a receipt that is a credit transaction not a debit transaction. For credit transactions if the person who steals the card signs the receipt and the merchant does not require any ID, you are not liable. You file a dispute of the charge, show that the signature is not yours, it is best if you have already notified the credit card company of the lost card but even that is not required. Once the card is reported lost or stolen it can not be processed. Now, if you lose your card and foolishly have your pin with it, that is a different story. The merchant, and the card compa
  10. Yep, coronavirus has been found in horseshoe bats. Now consider the bats have been on earth for hundreds if not thousands of years. But suddenly in 2020, Bok-Wah the bat located in a cave 1,600 kilometers ( closest horseshoe bat cave) from Wuhan gets bored with life inside the cave and flies to Wuhan, where she is hungry so she bites a rabbit or some other animal. Ver E Wong discovers the animal decides it would be delicious and decides to eat it but does not completely cook it and contracts Covid 19 and unknowingly passes it on to his fellow citizens of Wuhan. Now that certainly is
  11. If you bought something on shopee or Lazada you need to go to your purchases on your account. Hopefully you have just received it. Go to where the item says "more" click on it and it will give you an option to return the item. There will be various reasons. If the item is the wrong size, defective etc. Shopee will ask how you want to return it. Most of the time that will be a drop off at Kerry. You go to Kerry with the item, and go to your account, go to returns. Select the item and the tab that says return details. It will provide a QR code that Kerry uses to make the mailing label,
  12. I ran a store in the USA. The contract is between you and whatever bank or third party processes your transactions. In the USA anyway, that charge is a monthly charge for each card you take. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. You are then assessed a "merchant discount" that is the difference between the amount that is charged and what the merchant receives net of the discount. The higher the volume of the merchant, the lower the fee. The higher the average charge the lower the fee. So, if you had a grocery store and a jewelry store with the same monthly volume the jewelry
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