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  1. That should work out well. Most Thai's will have lots of time for being tourist given their places of work have all been closed. And of course they will have lots of savings stacked up from the last several months of quarantine.
  2. Johnray In the USA that would brand you as a RACIST Democrats want them to get free housing, food, college tuition, stimulus payments, drivers license and of course the right to vote.
  3. northsouthdevide, Of course they did. Like all corporations, they find it cheaper to just pay and get on with business rather than spend decades litigating. Bayer is doing the same thing right now with Roundup despite the fact that the FDA cleared glysophate decades ago as safe. Trial attorneys know they can essentially extort settlements. That in turn has cause many companies to become only distributors into the U.S. market shielding them from product liability real or imagined.
  4. Pib Yes you are absolutely correct. Things like this years stimulus payments. I can tell you that to obtain a visa for a fiance or marriage to the USA requires you submit copies of your tax transcripts. And, as has been pointed out, filing puts a statute of limitations on the returns otherwise you technically never close out those tax years. If you were ever audited by the IRS you likely would have a lot of explaining to do as to why you chose not to file. I tried another site, it did accept it but said it was rejected for some technical reason. I corrected what was advised and resubmitted I guess we will see if that works.
  5. Contact tracing has been used for decades.
  6. I guess given the study, Dr. Siegel should reconsider having his father take it. Dr. Marc K. Siegel is an American physician, Associate Professor of Medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center
  7. Matzzon,' I am from the USA. Most likely they will release him from custody since there is an imminent danger that he might catch coronavirus while in prison. I see he is Canadian. I suppose he could apply to be a refugee and then released awaiting his court case on how he is qualified to be classified as a Refugee.
  8. taxout I agree but then again that is why I never want government to be in charge of anything. If the IRS was privately run, it would find ways to streamline, simplify and automate. Government Departments have exactly the opposite motivation. They want it to be more complicated, more burdensome, and therefore more labor intensive which serves as both job protection as well as job expanding since government workers who supervise get more money the more employees they oversee and the bigger the budgets they manage are.
  9. Christmas13 Only 22 deaths but lots of infection. That would be consistent with a young population of migrant workers who get infected but don't die from the disease.
  10. scubascuba3 You are correct. If you look at the countries with some of the highest rates of infection and death they are Spain, Italy, France, U.K. and Belgium. Lowest rates include Vietnam, Thailand, Nigeria, Yemen. What do the high and low rate countries have in common. High rate countries are in moderate temperature zones and median age is at or above 40 with Italy's being the highest at 45. Low rate countries have tropical temperatures and low median age. Vietnam is 30 and Nigeria only 18. That means that half the population in Vietnam is under the age of 30 and in Nigeria an amazing half of the population is under age 18.
  11. Pib No not true I e-filed for several years including last year here in Thailand. I guess I am going to try a few more online services and yes I did try free fillible forms online. I had to file online the foreign bank account form and that was accepted without a problem.
  12. Yes, far better that they be lenient like in the USA and have only 73,000 deaths from drug over doses each year. I guess the lives of the victims of drug trafficking are not as important as those of the drug traffickers.
  13. Officials citing the sudden spike in deaths announced closing the airport to all travel, banned all alcohol sales, imposed a curfew from 20:00 to 04:00 daily, banned the sale of gasoline ( since some might use it to speed) and are installing speed bumps every 20 meters to keep the top speed to only 8 kph. Oh wait, its only when the deaths are from a virus that over reaction is considered keeping the public safe.
  14. Choudoufu I am not sure. I tried three different file online services and all said the same thing that with zero owed and no refund either I was not eligible to file online.
  15. I tried calling the IRS today as as is typical you get a recording saying they are sorry but to call back later. The tax filing deadline is July 15 and I tried to mail my tax return but I was told that the Thai Post is not accepting any U.S. mail until the commercial flights start again. Assuming that happens on July 1, that would be pushing getting the tax return filed by the deadline. Don't say try online. Since I owe nothing, the IRS services apparently don't allow you to file an online return. So has anyone else encountered this situation and found a solution.
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