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  1. True However consider how many of you have used google to search for something and then suddenly find ads from company promoting it. If I search for something on google I suddenly get ads even on Facebook. I did a search the other day on lens coatings for glasses on the internet. Suddenly I get a response in my email to a virtually identical question on Reddit. And I did not search the question on Reddit. Do you really think the US government is not also monitoring messages. They are grabbing metadata from every source and looking for keywords. I don't know what they have to find
  2. Basically it means that the person does not have Facebook Messenger turned on. For a conventional phone service try Viber. Cheap phone calls like 2 cents USD per minute. You can even get unlimited for $4.99 per month.
  3. If both parties have Facebook messenger you can call and even have a Video call for free.
  4. Scott Fitzgersld No this is not a "typical year" Only that much more reason not to add any additional hurdles to coming. If there are fewer tourists than there will be fewer who potentially would come into the hospital DUH
  5. This insurance was a lobbying effort by the insurance companies. Ridiculous. If Thailand was or is worried about foreigners being admitted to hospitals and not paying their expenses a simple fee could be imposed for entering Thailand for each tourist. Assuming a normal year of 38 million million tourists a fee of as little as 100 baht would provide a fund of 3.8 billion. Even a modest fee of 1,000 baht would provide a fund of 38 million. Almost enough to buy two submarines. I am certain that tourists visiting Thailand would prefer to have a fee assessed than go through the necessary
  6. BigStar In the USA you go to an ophthalmologist to ask about progression of cataracts and to get prescription for glasses if needed. An optometrist whether here or in the USA "may" be able to evaluate the progression of the cataracts but certainly would not be as valuable a diagnoses as from a ophthalmologist surgeon who performs such surgery. In USA some optometrists are very good, others just push glasses and have limited skills.
  7. I am looking for a good ophthalmologist in Pattaya to both give me a prescription for new glasses and examine my eyes to determine if my cataracts have progressed to the point where I should consider surgery. The locations I have checked with give "free" check ups if you are buying their glasses and the prices at places like Bangkok hospital are pretty expensive. Does anyone have someone they could suggest?
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