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  1. To "repeat" I SEE NO REASON FOR IT TO BE ILLEGAL. The fact that the U.K. government or the Thai government deem it to be illegal only speaks to how ludicrous the policy is. What could possibly be the reason to prohibit the distribution of the vaccine, except that they want to control the process and don't want private industry to run circles around them. Common sense says the more locations that have the vaccine the better for the public. Given the track record of governments running anything efficiently the public would be far better served with private institutions that are incented to
  2. I did not say they did. I said I SEE NO REASON FOR THE THAI GOVERNMENT OR ANY OTHER GOVERNMENT TO PROHIBIT IT. Assuming the private hospitals can get it, so much the better for the public at large. If the supply is unavailable, then nothing lost. Obviously the government "must think" the private hospital can get it otherwise it would make no sense to disallow it.
  3. Yes, and I fail to see the point? If the U.S.A. and other countries can do it, why not Thailand? Yes, the USA may be at the front of the line since many of the pharmaceutical companies are based there. That still does not explain why the USA saw fit to distribute the vaccine to pharmacies throughout the USA and the Thai government is expressly forbidden even private hospitals from receiving it.
  4. If there is None to Buy than why the prohibition against hospitals procuring it. I "suspect" that the private hospitals would find a source and perhaps make the government look bad. If you look around the world, other "private" hospitals are obtaining it. Heck, in the USA the grocery store chain Publix is inoculating in their in store pharmacies the same as they do for Shingles and the Flu
  5. Yes don't you know the correct "wordsmithing" Use: Progressive instead of Liberal or Socialist Contributions instead of taxes Your fair share instead of confiscatory Investment instead of pork barrel spending Effective legislation instead of redundant Sensible Controls instead of unenforceable or impractical. I "think" there is a class for this at most major universities today.
  6. You hit it right on the head. So much better to get Covid from a "wealthy" foreigner rather than suffer the indignity of them getting the Covid Vaccine before you.
  7. Why would the government not allow private hospitals to order the vaccine? Seems like the more people who are vaccinated the better it would be for everyone. Then again, we are talking about government and logic and those two are mutually exclusive.
  8. I also can not comment about leaving Thailand but I can about returning to Thailand. My fiance is Thai and she is also a Norwegian Citizen. We have several times when leaving Thailand and going to a country where she does not require a visa on her Norwegian Passport use that to leave the country. However upon return she is always questioned as to the discrepancy. She has always had both passports with her, so I can no speak to what would happen if she did not.
  9. Now exactly "how do you come to that conclusion" If the Quarantines, Lockdowns, Masks, Social Distancing, Airport Closures, Bar Closures, Restaurant and Entertainment Spot Closures, and unlimited amount of hand sanitizer at every store was keeping us safer, why do we have to do it again. You are "assuming" you were "safer" with zero proof that the outcome without such controls would have been worse or the same. For all eternity, people have caught viruses including the common cold, and the flu. Despite decades of research and development of vaccines to prevent the flu 9% of the wor
  10. Had the same thing. Mold had formed and was blocking the drainage of water so it was pooling and the fan would blow small spits of water. The Air Conditioner cleaned the AC and said that is was best when AC was first turned on to turn it on high fan and then lower it after it reached the set temperature. So far so good.
  11. Yep, the economy is cratering, most other countries are pouring billions and trillions of additional spending to offset the negative impact of Covid, and Thailand wants to confiscate even more from those who now have even less. I am not sure where exactly this lunacy comes from, but it is obvious they are have a real commitment to it. One thing is sure: The closest thing to Eternity on earth is a "temporary" increase in any tax to meet a short term crisis.
  12. I know that in numerous other countries Covid 19 inoculations have started for the general public. I see reports about Thai's but nothing regarding non-Thais. Has anyone heard?
  13. This reminds me of the story of a man who went to his doctor and asked for how to live longer. The doctor replied well give up drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and sex. The man asked and how many years will that add to my life. The doctor replied, well it won't necessarily add any, but it will sure seem a lot longer. I would think "healthy and pizza" are mutually exclusive terms and deservedly so.
  14. I have used Shopee and Lazada extensively. Of the two, I prefer Shopee. Its prices are lower and often you get free shipping which is very rare on Lazada. From what you describe, you could have had the identical experience on Lazada or any other online site. The shipping company lost the package. That is not the fault of the seller or Shopee. If you report that the item was not received, you will get your money refunded. The seller shipping with DHL, Kerry, or any other service will get reimbursed for the lost shipment. I am not sure why you are blaming Shopee nor what your issue is.
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