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  1. Thanks, somehow I missed this page, so must be on Non-immigrant visa to get Japan visa.
  2. No one treat Thailand like Russia, of course you will be comparing your home country to Thailand, it is normal I think. But it was 6th page of this topic and no answer what actually Thai Law says about it
  3. Hello! Anyone know how to get Japan tourist visa in BKK? I googled a bit, but found only tour companies witch selling tours, but no information about visa. So question is can foreigners get Japan visa in Thailand being on tourist/ed visa here?
  4. Hello! Our friends just come to BKK yesterday and went to Central World with their kids. In H&M store one of the kids push the plastic shop dummy while running and playing. Shop dummy feel and broke (severed hand). H&M shop staff charged them for 25000thb. They don't know English, so they can't argue at the moment, so sum was paid. In most countries, this is store responsibility to mount and fasten everything correctly and firmly. And 25000thb for severed plastic shop dummy hand seems a bit overpriced. What can they do now? Can they go to touristic police? They have no photos or videos of incident, only invoice from the store that proof that 25000thb is paid.
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