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  1. Exactly. And they're being extremely generous with these free extensions as it is.
  2. Yeah, mine has not changed an awful lot either I's just a case of washing my hands more often and wearing a mask in public places. In fact, it would not be an issue for me to do that for another 20 years if need to be.
  3. That type of flippant attitude is exactly why you have such high Covid numbers.
  4. This is exactly why it's still not safe to let in any tourists. Too many unknowns. Keep borders closed until europe is free from covid.
  5. LOL keep'ém coming so i can continue to have a good laugh!
  6. bunch of grandpa's that will find any opportunity to have a good'old moan.
  7. Exactly, just a bunch of loony ex-doctors trying to stay relevant by spouting absolute nonsense.
  8. Hit the nail on the head there. I know right? it's absolute insanity!
  9. if can not quarantine, then don't come to Thailand. Simple.
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