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  1. Good news, about time! . Nothing more frustrating than plodding along at 90 kmph on a perfectly big and open road. Thai highways are built for speed and should be fully utilized.
  2. agree, 13 years here, never had an issue. I've hung out & drunk with some really sketchy Thai dudes on multiple occasions in the past & never had an issue. But i am a real friendly guy and understand that in Asian cultures we must have some boundaries as they can loose face pretty fast. It's all about adapting well to our surroundings.
  3. I know what you're saying, but, if you're jacked and look like you can handle yourself, then bullies are a lot less likely to bother you. The kid looks skinny as heck , and very feeble. Sadly, a prime target for bullies...
  4. the Chilean lad really needs to start lifting some weights and learn some self defense. Bullies will always pick on much smaller people.
  5. I'm absolutely sure of that.. but, of course no one deserves to be beaten in such a manner. let's wait to hear what the win driver says to get a better understanding of what happened.
  6. I absolutely condemn such actions, but, there are always 2 sides to every story... unprovoked attacks here are very, very rare indeed. In fact, they are far more common in most western countries.
  7. This expert/ top doctor in Thailand is always providing some of the best advice out there.
  8. "Smart phone cost is equivalent to 2 week holiday" Come on man, you must be kidding, right? phones can be bought for as little as 45USD . And no need to use roaming when you can buy a SIM card and top it up for a few hundred THB which would last a whole month. ...
  9. I really don't see what all the fuss is about. If it's their way of working to track people to prevent the spread of Covid, then so be it. Very basic smart phones can be bought at ridiculously cheap prices. If people can afford to travel half way across the world, then they can surely afford to buy a cheap smart phone . And for the people who say they do not wish to be contacted while they're on vacation, then there is a very simple answer to that. Just use the phone exclusively for the Covid tracking app, and don't install any other applications, or give your phone number to anyone. It reall
  10. Well, you could, but maybe if you do, it will then send an alert to the authorities that you've uninstalled it. Then who knows from there..... Could be a potential arrest, fine , or even ban from TH when you depart the country? I guess we'll have to see what laws they put into place
  11. What sort of people travel half way across the world without a phone?
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