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  1. The proof is there, maybe you just need to look a little further. Or maybe you want to remain in denial?
  2. I can confirm the same thing and the same amount stated.
  3. Well, i'm just some random person on the worldwide web, so you do have a very good reason to be skeptical (I don't blame you) Whether you want to believe or not is up to you. i know the truth myself, and maybe you might also find out sooner or later too.
  4. All i'm saying, is the person that told me would have no reason at all to lie to me. And they said that this is actually the first time they have experienced this during an election campaign. Many other people here have said that this has been happening in other areas across Thailand.
  5. Oh what a surprise, many people were paid to vote. Somone i am very close to confrimed that to me yesterday.
  6. Good luck Thailand, i hope you can get back to some kind democracy. The Future Forward Party seem to have a very big following, especially with the younger Thai's.
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