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  1. I just had a feeling that this would happen. How often have we seen the same thing here time and time again. if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is.
  2. exactly 'rich' people and everyone else for that matter are not gonna want to spend 2 weeks of their vacation time in a state quarantine hotel when there are plenty of other countries they can spend time in without all of the quarantine hassle
  3. Yeah, he did mention that he was also delivering 'private' packages
  4. Yeah, i was speaking with a GRAB delivery rider a few months ago and he was saying that on his best months he would earn between 35-40k a month working 7 days a week
  5. I've been using hand sanitizer so much that my skin is peeling off on my right palm. No lie Where can you find those masks with a whole around the mouth part so that you wear it and eat at the same time?
  6. Great series that was! Used to freak the F out of me though as i child. lol
  7. Yes, as soon as i see someone walking towards me, i automatically jump into a full boxing stance with a high guard.
  8. Death rates are increasing every day. If it continues this way, they will only end up locking it down eventually anyway. So is it not better to take action now to help contain the virus before it potentially ends up like India?
  9. Wearing only a mask when riding their motorbikes to now eating Pad kra Pao to protect from Corona. What's next?
  10. I literally just spat my beer out in laughter after reading this
  11. I hope it stays that way for the rest of eternity
  12. BREAKING NEWS Prayut challenges Anutin to a freestyle rap battle face off to settle the score.
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