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  1. Why should a person who has cardiac, and or respiratory conditions which can be exacerbated by wearing masks longer term feel ridiculous??
  2. So will the family of the deceased be suing him for compensation, along with those who were infected, surely he has vicarious liability? Did he not breach also regultions, legislation, guidelines ? Are those breaches being investigated for possible criminal charges? Has he been stood down?
  3. The other thing that is not being reported is the co-morbidities (if any) age, many factors above the angst of 21 deaths, and increased infections. I would be more concerned also about the longer term effects fromCovid19, renal disease, long term fatigue, lung damage, cardiac, instead of raw numbers, they mean almost nothing, except to cause outrage and fear, that reaction does not contribute to halting disease transmission.
  4. And how many died from overdose, violence and vehicle accidents , during the same period?
  5. That is the whole point of irony and sarcasm. Read some Dorothy Parker ,she may assist
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