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  1. Ah the one got away. How many millions worth on board that one?
  2. Depends on flight times and connections sleep may be required
  3. Assumption that a person with a disability sticker is not wealthy and only wanted free aircon. How presumptive of you
  4. Oh I am sure there was an exchange of funds involved,and an assumption that a disabled person is “less worthy” of a parking spot, I hope no damage to her transport
  5. I tried several banks in Phitsanulok with no resident 12 month visa, (retirement) and 6 month condo lease all refused me
  6. Irrspective of gender I hope people. After all as Mae West said “20 goes into 80 a lot more times than 80 goes into 20
  7. The cost to public is enormous. The second hand smoke effects on unborn children, the smell is disgusting. Former smoker, and now realise how awful I smelt
  8. Seems to me “discretion of the IO” is the big catch,why not one defining rule so everyone knows where they stand and what they are required to do. Sounds like different offices differing interpretations of rules. One rule ,one interpretation.
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