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  1. I think that is the stomach churning thing about these types of attacks, from them committed on off duty soldiers or civilians going about their life doing harm to none.
  2. Had there been steps (as promised) to cease the corruption, and to have a path towards reconciliation, then the protesters would not be on the streets. I guess having the tanks, water cannons, riot squads ( and submarines) gives him the upper hand
  3. She never did but made promises about her "power for change" during the "election," and her lack of protesting regarding not only the suppression of the populace, the YaBa factories sanctioned by the military, and her abominable denials regarding the ethic cleansing of the Rohingya, are some of the reasons that she should hang her head inshame and return the Nobel prize
  4. What are the administrative and constitutional steps required to alter the constitution ? He could delay the changes for as long as he wants, unless he places the matter as a high priority Seems like offering something with no guarantee of change, but looks like he is listening to the protesters.
  5. I am pleased you have listened to the evidence from both sides under oath, before making up your mind.
  6. Promoting "democracy" as I recall him once saying??? Deny it so it can be protected. How dystopian can this person become?
  7. Would have been interesting to see what its "genetic" structure is (was), where it was eaten, what pollutants in the region of being caught.
  8. When hotel sends PP info to immigration as already stated.
  9. I am little skeptical regarding the dress and the DNA claim Dress kept and not cleaned for 25yrs and not worn again? Proof that that was the dress worn on the day of the alleged incident?
  10. Kiss good bye to any appointments from GOP, and never make it it SCOTUS now.
  11. Well the subs will patrol the Mekong border before it dries up I guess. YaBa patrol
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