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  1. So same students will refuse to accept a Rhodes scholarship I guess? Many of us were recipients of them, enabling further study and suppport
  2. He is reportedly known for his domestic violence, so perhaps the people decided to protect her, not every bystander wathces or listens to person/women being beaten up
  3. Not Thai bashing to decry violence and thuggery, the victim has been hospitalised with serious injuries, and assailant is Thai.
  4. Lucky the swordsman did not catch him, he would have been charged probably with assault at least, if not attempted murder.
  5. Once upon a time, one could not travel without proof of smallpox vaccination, that a conspiracy? Some countries also require proof today of Yellow Fever innoculation, conspiracy? Or were they just trial runs for the BIG one? Also" they" (whoever "they" are, big pharma or conspriring governments/) have not said it does not stop transmission, that statement is an untruth. The number of infections in the USA alone have dropped considerably since the innoculation process began, please explain?
  6. What could possibly go wrong with this? Considering that do not know at this stage and will not know without widespread PCR testing how long the vaccine is efficaious for, methinks this needs serious risk managment.
  7. well what about the millions dead across the world, and not all of them old or with underlying health problems. 500,000 in USA alone DEAD Survivaal is not as clear cut as total immediate recovery, many have kidney, heart impairment following, not to mention ongoing respiratory issues, chronic pain and fatigue, as well sight and taste changes.
  8. Perhaps also he may become a frantic cleaner of kitchen and utensils, creative with the food, meticulous about the presentation, and be scrupulous with his hygiene, rather have someone stoned than <deleted>, not everything is a negative.
  9. Make up only just being applied at that hour, except for those who have punters needing to be home to the wife and kids by 8pm
  10. Where were the supervisors before or during his shift? They need to also be held responsible for his actions allowing him to get drunk on duty
  11. Victorian Government (Australia) invested years ago in ones which self cleaned between uses, and were physically inspected on daily basis to ensure the self flushing of pans,walls and floors worked along with other hygiene requirements
  12. They are proving that there is money other peoples sh+t
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