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  1. What about the TM30?? Does that need to be lodged within 24 hours?
  2. Mono culture farming is a recipe for disaster, immaterial of what crop or country. Should not be allowed.
  3. Perhaps some training in customer service, like Thai once had could help Surely the Board of Management needs to take responsibility for financial situation, which began a long time ago to leak money? I thought I read last year that Thailand was to become a "centre of excellence" for aviation, and was going to be servicing planes and doing the safety checks and maintenance for all airlines?? Interesting proposition when their own planes need replacing and upgrades?
  4. Define MASS, we do not know the number, could be four, could be 12, neither you nor I know. As for your assertion about needing work permits for cutting grass etc, it is an over the exaggeration, as you know, as is the rest of the post, especially as you have no first hand knowledge, but feel free to rant on, expend your emotional energy
  5. A small but very relevant matter of CONSENT Being drunk does not give consent to be stripped naked Being drunk does give consent for sexual intercourse ( which is NOT alleged) Being drunk does mean you are unable to give informed consent If drugs were used without consent to use, then other charges could be laible
  6. I am curious how the woman was the offender She had two lovers her right, no one owns her, she makes choices. The only offender was the bloke who pulled the trigger
  7. They arrested a law breaker, you are the one who is making "moral" judgements here, about the police behaviour about which you have no first hand knowledge. . We have no idea how he was treated, what they said to him, how he has been treated, but you seem to want to equate this to YOUR trauma, which has no bearing on this man. I am sad that your trauma remains with you, and colours your point of view, and gives you the ability to pass judgements on others about whom you know nothing at all. I justified NOTHING that is your incorrect interpretation, but you are entitled to your own opinion.
  8. No she made choices about having to lovers, her right as a human. Not owned by anyone. The bloke pulled the trigger not her. Her right to take as many lovers ashe wants unless she has agreed otherwise. No person owns another.
  9. Surname attractive, fast and hard to drive, and possible similar to his hidden assets
  10. There are consequences for decisions we make. He chose to break the immigration laws, has been caught and now has to take responsibility for his choices
  11. Wrong? He broke the law, working without a permit, perhaps the number of officers from different branch was unnecessary, but they have a right to enforce their own laws
  12. Doubt he would have needed a "pension" from any government even the ones he owned. I was certainly not considering 70 as old, but seniors vary greatly in health, mental ability, cognition.
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