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  1. Hello, Today I talked to one of the Western teachers for my school that told me that you could get up to 6th waiver for up to 6 years and asked him if he knew anybody on the 6th one, and he answered NO, adding that someone told him about it. 555 Have you ever met any foreign teacher on the 6th waiver before? I'm so curious to know about that.
  2. To tell you the truth, I've heard of those who've got the 5th waiver but never the 6th one, so I'd think that the number of times to get a waiver would be limited to 5.
  3. Hello. I’m on my 4th waiver now that I was lucky to get after I got my new passport. The website of Khurusapha (TCT) says, however, that I’m just on my 1st waiver with my new passport number, even though that’s the 4th one overall, as I said. Would you think that getting a new passport will eliminate the history of teaching waivers? If so, would you think it possible for me to get the 2nd waiver with my new passport number, which is going to be my 5th one in total? Thank you in advance.