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  1. I worked in Ho Chi Minh City for ten years. My Vietnamese colleagues referred to the city as Sai Gon. They weren't making a political point or longing for bygone times - most weren't born till after the troubles - they were using the city's common name as locals do. When I got in a taxi, I could have said, Quan Bay, Quan 7, District 7 or Phu My Hung, and got to the same place. Just a name to communicate a destination.
  2. Bangkok Bank Cycle Fest 2019, Siam Country Club, Pattaya. These guys, and gals, were shifting. Was tempted to enter 62 km over 45 race. Just as well I didn't - winner averaged 36kph with plenty of hills too. First over 65 was two minutes behind that. Next year maybe... Pictures here from the team time trial. These folks were belting along too, despite the 33c heat.
  3. Just to lighten the mood a little. Any additions?
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