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    Pattaya TT Currency Help

    I used TG last night. They look identical to TT but they're more expensive. Yellow booths and similar lettering. Be careful.
  2. The short answer is no, they dont. Ten years ago there was hardly any private cars on the road outside the major cities and the majority lived in the countryside where they wandered at will. Now there's 220M private cars on the road but no change in the mindset. They're oblivious to danger. Footnote. How do you teach 220M people to drive in 10 years? And you lot think Thai roads are dangerous.
  3. You would perhaps think that a westerner with the learning capacity of a PhD,20 years in Thailand teaching English and having a Thai wife and daughter might have picked up a smattering of Thai, no? Why does the Thai copper have to speak English?
  4. Traubert

    Pattaya boosts marketing to Chinese tourists

    Relax. Only 100 million of them have passports. Sleep tight.
  5. Traubert

    As A Tourist...

    I have three VPNs. I still couldn't get the elimination pictures in the security process. VPNs are not as efficient as they would have you believe. They're only as good as your IP let's them be.
  6. Traubert

    As A Tourist...

    I just flooded in yesterday. I'm a Brit but I live in China. Point being, its not any kind of holiday in China but an A320 was full and it flew out of a third tier city into Utapao. I was the only whitey on it. From my City, Air Asia do Patts, Phuket and Nok do DM. There's direct into CM too. In all cases you have to book well forward. Maybe TAT aren't stretching the truth.