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  1. And of course they never vamoose like a rat up a drainpipe afterwards in Bangkok after charging you an arm and a leg. Bless 'em. Best eight minutes you can buy.
  2. Spot on Mr Johnny. The reports have always said 'up to a million.' One report yesterday said 3-5 million. The sheer logistics of that are impossible. Bad muslims in the west are terrorists, bad muslims in China are 'repressed minorities,' when in fact they have concessions that the Han can only dream about. China borders Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgistan, all of whom have had significant extremist doctrine in the recent past. When China discovered that Uighurs were attending training camps in those countries, and indeed set one up in Xinjiang, what where they supposed to do? Let them carry on because they're a minority group? Sheer hypocrisy from the western press. They conveniently fail to mention the Kunming Railway station slayings, the Xinjiang miners murders, the car bomb in Tiananmen, the market bombing and the Urumqi riots, where they burned Han teenage girls alive, etc etc etc. Oh those poor, cuddly Uighurs. In fact, every affected country in the west would do the same as the Chinese if they dared, but the extremists played the wrong card when they tried it in China. The Chinese do not muck about. No watch lists here, only flame throwers.
  3. You started it with the racoon quip. When was the last time anyone saw a 5'0" tall racoon with 36b tits?
  4. I think it's worth pointing out that the police are quite aware of the flush trick and put a filter down the manhole where the sewer pipes run through. Flushing is just another crime in that you are trying to evade capture, and tampering with evidence if they really want to grind you into the dust.
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