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  1. A pushchair is a wheeled vehicle. Ban these filthy scum!! Set the Japanese on them!!
  2. I am a Brit and I can confidently advise you that the Brits couldn't prepare a <deleted> in a women's prison with a fistful of pardons. Dawn is a daily amazement to the British parliament. They are as thick as pudding.
  3. Quite. Very similar to the way Immigration in UK are linked into the PNC. It seems that a lot of people have never encountered an exception report, hence the 'did he file a TM30?' comments. If he didn't he'll show on a report that says he didn't at the press of a button and instantly attracting suspicion. Border jumpers apart, they know exactly who is in the country, if they're entitled to be there and if they have reported their address. It's called Big Data and despite all the withering sarcasm, Thailand is catching up.
  4. I think he's probably still sifting through the mountain of conflicting advice he got and he'll choose the best one after he's finished self flagellating for overstaying as advised by our resident perfectionist advisors.
  5. Seems he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute so says SCMP. Silly boy.
  6. It doesn't work like that in China. The police can keep him on 'Administrative Detention' for up to 15 days for minor infractions and not charge him with anything. They don't have to tell anyone except his NOK.
  7. What if he actually did something illegal? It's strange that these people who get nicked in China are always shining beacons of innocence.
  8. Of course it was, and equally of course, the more often you say it, the truer it becomes. Mercy me. Have the Indians hit six to a bottle yet? Seven?
  9. The correct name for Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year is actually Spring Festival. All the Chinese festivals/holidays are based on phases of the moon. That's why they never fall on the same dates every year, Labour Day and National Day excepted. They're historic celebrations.
  10. Hurrah!! The wine again.......and the Prada handbag. Is there a 'd' in the day today?
  11. Mate that's absolutely desperate stuff. What is it supposed to prove? Look here's four countries and a continent and if we add them together they spend more than one country. Woohoo!! Plus you have UK and Europe in there together and even when Brexit happens, UK will still be European. Pus, the Indian population recently exceeded the Chinese population. I have a little question you might consider. Would Thailand prefer the combined 7.4bn in your dodgy numbers or would they like the Chinese to <deleted> off and take the 4.3bn on it's own?
  12. Is that like the Farangs who drink in Farang owned bars and eat in Farang owned restaurants and stay in Farang owned hotels? Or is it different if you're white?
  13. She might have had a vested interest, maybe 'they' meant 'I.' Oh yes, but they're little brown chaps. The only important foreigners are the unkempt, fat, white, drunk chaps who keep the economy afloat by buying baht buster breakfasts doncha know? All joking aside, it's a salient point. Immigration does not only deal with 150,000 westerners, they deal with over 2m immigrants, tourists aside. I have shuddered at how many of these posts have started 'what they should do...' What applies to Pedah from St Albans doesn't apply to Khin La from Myanmar or Kosal from Cambodia. It's a classic example of living in a self generated bubble.
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