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  1. Who is the farang chin mask wearer behind the mayor?
  2. I dont think they will be bringing either one with them.........maybe a bikini and swimming shorts......
  3. Yep. Bit of a sweeping statement for 22% of the worlds population.
  4. Famous English saying. Dont talk rubbish.
  5. Hell's bells, its a bloody snack bar! No wonder you lot see reds under the bed everywhere.
  6. Can we go to Vietnam yet? Land border of course.
  7. Indeed they would. All they have to do is get hold of my ignore list and they'd have a spiffing day!
  8. Yes, its the insidious creep of the CPC。 Dear God..............
  9. Too much for the brainwashed to take in, but nobody says 'definitely.' http://gregoryclark.net/page15/page15.html
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