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  1. I know they set one citizen alight, I know they're using IED's, corrosive liquid bombs just a couple of examples. I'd call that terrorism, no?
  2. But not in Hong Kong? Anyway. Over 100k new infections in 2 days. Thats a Wembley-full.
  3. Yeah like the guy who chinned the chemist, the other one who is ex-Marine, arrested twice, and the sword waving Canadian on the roof. Chinese to a man.
  4. Keep posting forever mate. A pure treat. Tell us again, who wet that bed in Moscow and why?
  5. Do you want someone to apply the bum gun when you're finished as well?
  6. People Under Investigation (PU) is not confirmed infection. America's figures are confirmed disease carriers.
  7. It's more than possible, really, they cant shoehorn TAT or road accidents into many more. Or 'I was overcharged 50 baht.......'
  8. Pretty much none of that refers to the OP, which is the economy. eg. They cant devalue the baht which has been explained 99 times.
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