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  1. HSMAN

    Police rejecting tea money!

    God forbid you hit the blue road markings! He may have saved someone that day by fining you for committing such a grievous offence.
  2. HSMAN

    Police rejecting tea money!

    I second that? If you feel up to it, no pressure.
  3. HSMAN

    Police rejecting tea money!

    No word of a lie. There was myself, and the other guy. No other officers. No other people. He also had the proper list of fine prices, with his official fine book. He straight up said “official fine, pay at police or government office”
  4. I’m currently down in Phuket on the big bike from Pattaya. Staying in Patong, I got pulled into a checkpoint. The police officer came over to me and asked me for my licence. I provided him with my IDP and any other relevant documents. The police officer who spoke very good english, responded with thanking me for actually being one of the very few to go out and get a proper IDP before riding around. The gentleman next to me on his rentend honda moove, well, he couldn’t the say the same. No helmet, no licence. He tried to offer the police a quick transaction of “tea money” but it was rejected. The officer is quoted saying, “these are official fines, pay at police station or government office” Have they being told from higher up no more “tea money” or what is the go. To me, Thai police are nice and courteous, and I have never had a reason to knock them.