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  1. I have a question about work permits for Burmese workers. My SO is having a new problem that I haven't encountered before with her work permit. She recently stopped working for a small company in bkk to move up to Chiang Mai. When she quit the boss went to immigration and filled out a form saying that she don't work for them anymore. Once that was completed the boss was given a piece of paper to give to my SO that said she had two weeks to find a new job. My SO didn't end up receiving the paper until the two weeks was already up. We went to immigration and they said she can stay in Thailand for as long as her visa says which is 2 years but can't work. If she wants to work she has to go back to Myanmar and get a whole new visa and passport. I find this hard to believe that they only allow two weeks to find new employment or your basically screwed. Do anyone have any advice or know about work related issues for Burmese passport holders? As of now our two options are: Give her passport to a shady friend of her new boss and pay 4500b to get a new permit, wait 2 months to get it back and then she has an obligation to work for this company for an extended period of time. Or Option 2: go to Myanmar and do this whole thing over which will probably take months to complete and we have know idea what to do once in Myanmar. I should note that she has been working in Thailand for 8+ years and never had this problem. Also she hasn't been back to Myanmar in that time. Any help is appreciated