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  1. Keep dreaming. The God Emperor isn’t going anywhere tree hugger. This women is far too hideous to be a model. Sad sac of genetics. Good riddance.
  2. KnowItAllSMD

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    Air quality in Bangkok is horrible but it’s always been horrible. Why the sudden panic? Bangkok air has always made my nose bleed for as long as I can remember. Booked out of Bangkok moons ago and set up shop in Phuket. And Bangkok air is certainly not even close to as bad as China, Hanoi Vietnam, India, and even Paradise, California USA. Check out an app called Air Visual that will tell you the AQI in a given area. Bangkok is at 60 which is not bad at all. It’s up in the 140 to 180 range in China and Hanoi.
  3. KnowItAllSMD

    Smog in Bangkok 'no cause for panic'

    If anyone wants to buy 2 BlueAir purifiers, the best air purifiers money can buy, message me at drklause@pm.me. I bought them when I was living in Bangkok for 20,000 baht each. Why do they cost that much? Because they’re imports that actually work. BlueAir is the king of air purifiers. I no longer need them living in Phuket and will sell them for 10,000 baht each. They’re basically new, only used for about 3 months. They come with a slick mobile app too.
  4. You could just move the $100k usd in for 4 months before the check. Then move it back out to your US bank account after your visa is renewed. You would have to pay some substantial wire transfer fees ( or you could do what I do and use Bitcoin to move money around which is much much cheaper ). That’s what I’ve been doing as I don’t trust leaving even 800,000 baht in a Thai bank. I’d rather keep that money in the US and only move it into Thailand when absolutely necessary.
  5. KnowItAllSMD

    Planes, trucks spray water to soak up Bangkok’s smog

    It most likely is coming from China. Please explain to me why the AQI is worse in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Siem Reap, Cambodia??? Why would Siem Reap have worse air pollution than Bangkok??? There literally is nothing in Cambodia. Yet current AQI in Siem Reap is 172 vs Bangkok at 151.
  6. KnowItAllSMD

    Planes, trucks spray water to soak up Bangkok’s smog

    The solution is “move to Phuket”. Living in Bangkok nearly killed me. Lots of empty beaches and land out here in Phuket if you stay clear of that dump called Patong ( albeit a very fun dump ) . Check out Laguna Beach and Naithon Beach. Some amazing deals to still be had in Naithon. It’s baffling that Naithon is as quiet as it is due to proximity to the airport and having arguably the nicest beach in Thailand. You can still buy ocean front property there at a decent rate.
  7. KnowItAllSMD

    Five Africans arrested with fake visas

    Thailand has absolutely zero intention of eradicating corruption as this is the bread and butter of their hi-so economy. This is all for show. TAT just trying to look good before the election. After election ( assuming one is heald which is extremely unlikely ) it will go back to business as usual. Notice how they’re targeting Africans? It would look really bad if the headline read “5 Australians arrested”. Africans are an easy target despite the fact that there are far more Australian illegals here, many of whom are major drug lords in hiding that have fled Australia to Thailand. Extradition from Thailand to Aus does occasionally happen but the policy is weak at best. Just saying, this is all for show. Would not be surprised if these 5 Africans have already been released and allowed back on the streets.