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  1. I hope that it isn't a problem that I "hijack" this thread for my question, which almost similar with the one of the TO. My passport (issued in 2011...) has a long history of immigration stamps, most times I was entering the country on VE. (VE: visa exemption) For this year I have planned four trips to Thailand, two of them 30days (+) and two short ones with three weeks only. I already have a SETV for the trip in March and plan to get another SETV for the trip in November. Port of entry has always been Swampy, the upcoming four trip should also start there - all flight already booked. All SETVs have been issued in Berlin or Stuttgart, no extension of either SETV or VE, also there isn't a single day of overstay in the immigrations database. Now the posting heres made me a bit nervous.... In the last two years I had no problems at immigration, but the IOs asked me "No visa?" when entering on VE. I answered that I intend to stay only 3 weeks (which was true). No further questions, no need to show my e-ticket or 20k BHT in cash. So here's my history of visits, starting back in 2015. I'm 58 and travel in biz class (may be this is important) What do you think? Any danger of being rejected?