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  1. The man must certainly be mistaken. This is Thailand and he has the "right" to do exactly as he is told to do....period.
  2. I have one question for the Thai authorities..."Are you out of your collective minds". Do you realize the renaming the "Wuhan Corinavirus" as COVA19, at the insistance of the CCP, does not negate the fact that the virus was an export from China to the world. While over 100 countries accross the globe want to hold China reaponsible, Thailand wants to welcme then back by the millions with open arms. Thailand will likely get their wish. The Chinese tourists numbers might go up by a factor of 10 since Thailand will be the ONLY country welcoming them. At what price Thailand??? I have live here many yyears and fell in love with Thailand long long but it might be time to look for a different country to live in.... (further comment withheld as it will get me baned again for aother 10 days) I have a novel idea. What not do a nation wide survey ( that is one outside of Bangkok) and ask the Thai people about how they feel about the Chinese?
  3. Gee! I have no guns...I must be from the UK. Whether he has guns or not, is an ex-marine of not, is an American or not...the man has some problems.
  4. Gee! A couple of months back I said the same thing but made an unfortunate choice of words to describe a sitiation wherein the leader of a coup dended ends up being the head of the government 6 years on. For that unfortuante choice of words, I was benned from commenting on this website for 10 days and given a dermitt...whatever that means. I am glad that a Thai person of stature made the same comments without using any forbidden words. There are many highly intelligent people in Thailand. While teaching at a major university in Bangkok a few years back, I met many of them. Maybe there is hope for this beautiful country and its lovely people.
  5. This entire fiasco is an example of international hysteria for something that was no worse that a very bad flu season. "Freedoms can be easily take in the blink of an eye but are given back grudgingly by the usurpers". (quot from Thomas Payne in refference to King Geroge). It has been the same throughut history and knows no national bounds.
  6. I am glad that I am here for now but, having said that, my next flight out might be one way. I have been here for many years. I remember when the famous Thai smile wasn't plastic, farang were generally looked down upon and the country wasn't over-run with Chinese people from Wuhan....I long for the old Thailand. I am thankful that I got to experience it before it went down the tubes.
  7. Oh! By the way, the governemnt will immediately invite 10,000,000 Chinese back to Thailand as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Maybe the government should update its info. China has another outbreak on its boarder with Russia and has locked down 100,000,000 Chinese just a weeks ago......WELCOME BACK CHINA! THAILAND LOVES YOU!!!
  8. With numbers of corona cases low or zero, there is only one reason that the government want to maintain its boot on the neck of the Thai people....._________ fill in the blank yourself.
  9. Freedoms and liberities are easily taken and only returned grudgingly. History is full of examples and this is not unique to Thailand. In WWII America rounded up people of Japanese ancestry and deprived them of their freedoms for absolutely NO reason; kind of the the Corona Boggey Man.
  10. Dynamite was invented for peaceful purposes but lots people died. An app to gather data to track potential coronaview infections in the hands of "Big Brother" is a scary thing to me. It is still "Big Brother" no matter if he lives in Bangkok, New York or Moscow.
  11. Every advertising agency in the WORLD understands that SEX SELLS! There are lots of guys who came to Thailand for the free and easy sex life and ended up married and raising families here. Thailand without bars is like Florida without beaches or Switzerland without mountains. Whether the holier-than-thou crown in their gated communities in Bangkok wants to admit to or not....the Bars are a huge reason that many people come to Thailand in the first place!!!If Thailand closes that down, Vietnam and the Philippines will benefit as they already are.
  12. First, let me say that I am an experienced English teacher and a Farang from the USA. I currently teach online and formerly taught at KMITL Katkrabang where I was the head of the foreign English teachers program and hired and fired a lot of teachers. I also taught specialized classes for Thai English teachers at Assumption School in Bangkok. There is no reason for me to critique this teacher. Watch the video for yourself. Let me point out a few facts about all language learning. There are four skills in learning any language; in order of acquisition, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening and speaking are acquired organically through modeling. If you learn from a native of England you will likely acquire and English (British) accent. If you learn from an American or Canadian, you will acquire a North American accent. If you learn from a native Indian speaker, your English will be as understandable as the average Indian. If you learn from someone who has a "Thinglish" (Thai-English) accent then you will learn "Tinglish" and not "English". The reason that Thais and Filipinos are used as English teachers is that they can be paid less. The Filipinos are far better than Thais but the learner will still acquire a Filipino sing song accent. As an online teacher, I am paid more than a GREAT Filipino. I don't want to learn Thai from and American and a Thai should not want to learn English from another Thai. The bottom line is this....you will get what you pay for.
  13. Yes, we can trust Thailand to invite 10,000,000 Chinese here who spend no money, degrade the infrastructure, clog the roads with tour busses, crowd the attractions, insult the Thai people, spit on the ground and bring the next wave of disease......yep...Trust Thailand!!!!
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