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  1. What Irony. Our fearless PM, remember him- the general who had no political ambitions, went with a "dirty farang" vaccine rather than one from his big brothers from the North.
  2. After 10 plus years here it might be time to search out a new "second home" when travel is restored to something approaching normal. And to all of my Thai friends who think that foreigners should be "Forced and have to pay"! Let me clue you in, if it weren't for Western money dumped into this lovely garden spot, Thailand would be indistinguishable from Laos and Cambodia. In case you haven't visited there take my word for it...you are far better off for all of the farang largess bestowed on Thailand. Maybe the Thai's should study some history and rethink their attitude towards Fa
  3. Also kind of begs the question....how badly do you really want to return to the land of no privacy? SURE, you can trust the General who held a coup to dispose a duly elected government and informed everyone that there would be election in 6 months and that he had no desire to hold public office ....and I have a bridge that I want to sell you in NYC.
  4. Sure! Big Brother will ONLY use the app to HELP you???? B/s B/S B/s B/S
  5. I echo the sentiments of other contributors, there is NO WAY that I will allow ANY vaccine from the CCP ( Chinese Communists Party) to be injected into my body. Studies from their own people show no better than 50% effectiveness. Besides, the vaccine supplied by them to other countries is likely to be full of Bat Dodo. My home was infested with Chinese Drywall, luckily the developed remediated it at no cost. I work with Chinese from mainland China daily and can tell you from years of experience, you can not trust them of believe a single word they say. You have to enter every ne
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