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  1. I am in UK. I would like to have built a 7m x 5m garage with sloping roof. Builder has said he wants 20,000 baht for construction. I would buy materials. I know what a garage costs here in UK but no idea for Thailand. I plan to visit shortly to supervise. Would appreciate info on material costs if anyone has knowledge of this.
  2. I am attempting to arrange an appointment at British Consulate Bangkok in March 2019 to obtain the necessary Affirmation of Freedom to Marry but I have found that there are no available days, save a couple of days which are not convenient for me. I sent an email to them and received a very unhelpful reply. I wonder if those of you who are in Thailand know what might be the reason that everyday is shown as 'unavailable'. I am in UK. Perhaps they have too many golf days - LOL!!! Grateful for any advice Thank you
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