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  1. Some have said you'll be OK others have said you could be denied entry.. I was almost denied entry (DMK) on METV which I was granted Thai consulate Melbourne. The IO's said to me they're specifically targeting foreigner's who have a history of tourist visas.. They didn't say whether it was only METV or both. Given you have prior SETV you could very well denied.. As udonjoe said make sure you have booked flight out, 20,000 baht and preferred hotel booking. That was interesting what the consulate said "IO's operating with impunity" I'm hoping like many others that consulates put pressure on MFA to clarify with IO's as why IO's are denying so many ppl with tourist visas whether METV or SETV. If they don't want foreigners being issued too many tourist visas within a period of time they need to inform the consulates. So it's not a waste of time, money and inconvenience to us!
  2. As some of you know.I was almost denied entRyan last Saturday night,Very lucky to allowed in.As someone else suggested..Media here needs to run this story, so hopefully forces immigration to clarify this issue.
  3. This not about most expats who can pay the hospital bills..It's about let's force long standing expats to cover the debt health burden and make sure thai insurance companies reap the profits!
  4. So true, a friend of mine bought into hotel on phuket. Problems he had with dodgy chinese tour companies and ccorrupt officials there.Long story he sold out asap! He said never again.
  5. Thank you very pointing out the obvious. For me there's no other visa option.Might too add thai consulate Melbourne.Suggested the METV. FYI not that this makes a difference, but I spend a lot money here.I don't intend to live cheaply,I like to eat out nice restaurants with my gf and her kids do all things fun with them...If IOs mainly DMK don't want ppl like here, well so be it.I'll be happy to spend my money at home..
  6. Spot on! That's why TAT is pushing so hard for Chinese tourists.They're a quick in and out.Though most of them have spent their money prior to arriving on booked package tours in China.
  7. Yeah true, though one must ask even if an IO at Chiang Mai started asking questions.Given there's probably no international departures ( correct me if I'm wrong) They most likely let you in.My point is and I raise the suspicion are some of the IOs at DMK getting a kick back from some airlines when denying entry? As others have said DMK is by far the worst.Swampy there's some denials but not like DMK.
  8. Ok ppl, Try not write a long essay about this. 1- Visa history- 3 prior METV, last one was issued October 2018.Prior to that was home in Melbourne, Australia for 8 months.stayed till April this year. (2019) To which I flew home stayed up till Oct. Current METV was approved Sept 26th. Flew in from Singapore last night arriving just before midnight. Upon presenting my passport along with METV to female IO. (No male IO's in foreign desks) Lady looked at my passport pages for sometime.Then called her supervisor. Male IO and seemed to be a real hard ball type. He said "come with me" I ask "what's the problem" IO supervisor "you come Thailand too many times, you live here, you go back home tonight" So I go to the desk, two female IO's They say same as male IO. So now I plead my case. I say " I know I come many times, and I only want to come last time here to visit my Thai gf and organize documents for her with visa agent for visa to Australia, please even if you give me just 7 days so I can see her and my step daughters" This point female IOs start to lighten up they talk amongst themselves for a few min.Then one of them asks " you have photo of your gf on phone?" "Yes I do" I show them photos. At that point I take the opportunity to show them I have booked flight to Cambodia late November. So after looking at my history. One of the female IO says "if we give you 60 days you go to Cambodia, not come back to Thailand?" I say "Say no my gf and myself plan to stay Cambodia two weeks then go Singapore, then fly to Australia" So they grant me 60days. To which I say "thank you very much I am not planning to come back Thailand, easy for gf once married in Australia for to get partner visa" Oh I am 45 years of age. FYI They told me they're specifically targeting foreigners who have a long visa history. Finally a question I have is, if I decide to do a border run to Kanchanaburi.Will I be questioned there? As I'm not sure if the IO noted in the system something do not grant entry on current visa? Would they do that or can they do that? There has been nothing written on my passport page, just entry stamp along with flight number and IO signature. Personally I always said if I ever was grilled or denied entry.That would be it for me.I happy to stay at home, bring gf out once married to Australia, then maybe when I turn 50 look at retirement visa.I'm not going to bitch and complain, been coming here on visas for sometime now.Good to have a break from all the visas,runs etc.
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