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  1. The most important question you will asked here, will be this: Do you have physical possession of his German Passport?
  2. While the ignorant here would term your bashing of Americans as racist, I know English better, as it is bigoted and xenophobic. I won't tolerate it and as you should all know, its a violation of the TOS here. All of you who have written invective towards all Americans not only should be ashamed, but you should also be reprimanded. While I understand your reasons due to inferiority, I cannot condone it. Grow up.
  3. Please do not point out a fact. Most reading this have no shame in displaying their massive ignorance and bad reading comprehension.
  4. It is in very poor taste, and downright cruel to put a picture of a vicious dog above the bed. Who could make the child relive this even every time he looks up.
  5. No matter how you slice them, I love animals too. Thailand should adopt the strategy used in Vietnam. They have no strays roaming the streets.
  6. Seems no one here watched the video. I see a man trying to pull away from two Thais holding on to his backpack and pulling him off balance. Am I to believe that it is proper for two Thais to commit a battery against the American?
  7. Take her back. Send her to Rikers for a few days while preparing her chariot to take her to Guantonimo. Don't forget to separate her from her child when she lands.
  8. In America, moves like that might have a real gun drawn on you.
  9. That is exactly right. I wouldn't give that idiot the time of day.
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