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  1. And Tradeau is a gay clown on the world stage ! What an embarrassment for most Canadians systematically destroying his own people and country ! Atleast Trump is firstly for America and Americans unlike this traitorous buffoon !
  2. When a person enters a shop does the propieter ask if you are a tourist ? If not then please tell me how these Thai authorities know how much they spend !
  3. And you cannot understand why English standard in Thailand is the lowest in ASEAN !
  4. Your comment was going well until you compared this Gov't to Trump ! How would the US be under Shillary and pedo Bill ? Your Looney Left panties are showing !
  5. I know of a Thai teacher with excellent credentials who cannot get work because she has been told too old ,53 . But will hire Kenyans illegally ! What a joke the Police in Thailand have become ! There is a Police box on second road in Jomtien where officers sit inside all day every day and watch motorbikes go past on both sides of the road ON THE FOOTPATH and do nothing while pedestrians play dodge ,em avoiding speeding motorbikes on the footpath ! The Thai Police are a disgusting and sad joke ! The Thai people deserve better ! Is it any wonder the Police are very very unpopular with the public !
  6. And so it begins with the influx of quality tourists from India
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