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  1. Hi there, Anyone have any pre-school nursery recommendations on Samui for 3 - 5 year olds. Appreciate any contributions. Kind regards, SamuiGeezer
  2. To reverse ageing: Don't go out in the sun Don't get too fat Don't drink or smoke You must do these things after 20 years of doing them in order to reverse the ageing process you have accelerated.
  3. I think most people in the UK would agree. Stop this political correctness philosophy. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being.
  4. There are many nice quiet beaches, you just need to look for them if that is what you prefer.
  5. No you're just here to wind people up. Many reasons, not to do with money such as the weather? Wow, a whole 3 years, now I understand why you are such an expert and your opinion so highly valued on the forums?!? Poster must be so relieved you have given your approval. So you're an expert on tourist drinking habits based on what goes on in the bar you drink in? As I said, you're just here to wind people up. Hopefully you'll slope off to the Philippines sometime soon. or find something constructive to do.
  6. It is great that they've opened one there, I'm just worried as I haven't seen any customers in there yet! Hopefully it will pick up once people know. Obviously much better for parking than the Chaweng office.
  7. Sounds like a bit of a tall story here, so you came to Samui for medical treatment (where everyone knows medical treatment is really really cheap!) then complained about a 100THB Songthaew? Why not Bangkok?
  8. If you can't pay 100THB for a 9km trip you are a 'cheap charlie' and not wanted on Samui, fortunately you've left already. The other thing is Samui is awash with drugs and it is quite concerning. A clamp down on the dealers would be welcome but isn't going to happen soon. Farangs will continue to be arrested for buying, held until their visa runs out then deported. The dealers are left alone, even if they stab their customers ...........
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