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  1. Cheapest month to fly to your homecountry ? Which country ? How much ?
  2. Are you talking to yourself ? Not even sure that you understand the OP post. And sorry to tell you, I have never met anybody smart and educated not getting bored with talking to Thai who know nothing, understand nothing, and want to know nothing.
  3. For 25 thb 711 coffee is good enough. In my opinion only idiots pay 100+ for a coffee.
  4. True websites and apps are ridiculous. Cannot register and cannot check anything online.
  5. Where do you find so cheap houses ? I need one for week ends (but ok to pay 1 year ahead), can you PM me please ? Thank you.
  6. hello, Can you tell me which months of the year are the cheapest to fly to your homecountry, and where is it ? I'm looking for a cheap flight somewhere ! For example it seems that EU flights are cheaper in June and September ? Just before and after summer holidays ? Correct ? Thank you.
  7. Sorry but I do not understand what it means. Do they have their own antennae all around the country ?
  8. Why even thinking to commute when it's possible to have a house ANYWHERE, and especially close to where ANYBODY works. Ridiculous in my opinion. People living in Thailand a so bad life as they were living in the west.
  9. Don't worry, they already got the message since they are born, and it is not going to change. But anyway is it very different in the west where money can also buy freedom ?
  10. It was already clear since the first time it was spoken about, so as you can see, even people like you need more details and repeated information <3
  11. Compared to Phuket people, Samui people are angels...
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