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  1. hello, Benz official garage or independent ? Where do you service your German car ? Bangkok or Pattaya Please tell me where in Bangkok or Pattaya you service and fix your Benz or any German car. Thank you.
  2. Do you mean that you clean the car again after they have cleaned it ? And what was the problem with waxing ? I guess that they can do more swirl when washing than when waxing.
  3. Are you sure that just as all idiots they do not wash your car paint after cleaning wheels with the same sponge that they used for dirty wheels ?
  4. I will PM you my address if you can send her tomorrow ? Thanks <3
  5. So funny that people trust most vets who mostly know nothing. This is why they recommend dry food most of the time, because they get paid for it. Read the truth about dog feeding maybe:
  6. How can you believe that the food that you give to your dog is good when it has only 10% protein ? So weird...
  7. For people as OP who still knows nothing about dog feeding but want to learn. Just as for humans, only carbs are useless, and there is no over protein feeding, this is BS spread by the dog food industry, and only idiots believe this. https://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2018/07/21/high-protein-pet-food.aspx
  8. Same here ! Nice to see that I am not alone !
  9. sorry but it seems that the only real problem is you. if she had stayed with me I would have educated her within 2 months.
  10. Islamic idiots did nothing but killing some people, the only real problem is USA that control the world sky and dictates rules. I would prefer that some planes crash regularly that having my axxholes checked.
  11. Me too, as if Thai knew anything about healthy food ! If they had a rest of a brain they could already stop drinking all the $hit drinks that they drink daily....
  12. Money or not you can only dream, organic or not, any food that you will buy is toxic, full of pesticides. Even in EU organic food is poisoned, so no need to even think about healthy food in Thailand.
  13. 330 Years of Cannabis in Thai Medicine and proud to still know nothing...
  14. I tried this quick car wash and only quick is true, car wash, not so much... Anybody knows a car wash owner who really knows what he is doing ? thank you.
  15. Easy: the worst and cheapest that you could find anywhere in the world.
  16. So you do not teach to your kids to kick any stranger that talk to them ? It's not safe, you should teach them how to become a man.
  17. Forget it, this is wrong, there is no car passport for Cambodia, it's only for Laos.
  18. I wanted to go there to buy tyres and won't They could sue you for defamation, they lost money because of you ! But thank you anyway
  19. Sorry, but you can trust if you are happy to trust, but I still know that you are wrong. Even in EU where checks are supposed to be serious, all organic products show pesticides and chemicals, and you are going to repeat that anything that grows in Thailand is safe ? so funny... it's clear that you have no experience in agriculture at all. And about animal respect, just visit anywhere and you will also understand that you are dreaming. But up to you ! Many people like to dream, but I do not.
  20. In Thailand, in Laos, in Cambodia or in Andorra ?!
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