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  1. OK thank you, there are no errors or missing fields on page one so it must mean my record could not be found in the database. Altho why the message just couldn't say that i wont go there!...Thanks again
  2. I was wondering if any members are experiencing the difficulties i am encountering as the following is the onscreen message i have received the past 2 days... For further information regarding The 90-day Notification Report Service, please contact the Immigration Branch Office in your residence area...Rather defeats the purpose
  3. I am aware that the 90-day report requirement has been suspended at immigration offices to avoid the spread of C19 but do any members know if the online 90-day Notification Report Service has been temporary disabled?
  4. Is that something you like to do often? *hang about in the back passage* if so my friend recommends you visit the red-light district in Pattaya known as Boyz Town
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