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  1. I checked my emails today and have an email from expedia, its basically saying my return flight from Bangkok to china has been cancelled by the airline, so that’s what happened there. I’m certainly not annoyed, it seems relatively fair. Strangely the second part of the flight that was given to me to get home from the Chinese immigration has not so far been cancelled, I’m not sure if it will come later or not.


    just to clear things up, my partner equals my girlfriend. 


    Regards my passport history versus others reports, I wasn’t always coming in with tourist visa’s, i had a fair few stamps that I see are now called visa exempt stamps, that i had extended by 30 days, by doing this i guess I actually payed almost double the price for the time I stayed vs the tourist visa but it’s obviously not the way that IO’s appreciate, in that sense its my fault for not being more on it and up to date with the current situation. 


    In answer to the China southern question - its not the best airline I’ve flown with, I flew economy, and it seemed to be a little more cramped than I remember with some other airlines, the screens for movies where a bit old, I got 20kg free baggage, there was free drinks and food was ok, but iv definitely had much better. I wouldn’t reccomend it over any other airline but if there’s a great deal, it gets the job done. 


    The Elite visa sounds great, but I’m far from elite and spending the money on that would be enough of a dent in my savings that it would just mean I have less to spend at the local coffee shop and restaurants and I’d much prefer my money to be going in from the bottom up than the top down. My current plan is to get an METV from the embassy in London, I think I will fly to Malaysia as reccomended by some previous posters, meet my girlfriend there, spend a few stress free days together somewhere nice and then enter by land into southern Thailand, we’ve been together for 4 years now so sooner or later it might be time to think about getting married. 


    The only question I have now is, if the friendship bridge truly is the friendliest point to enter, is it worth me trying to get to Lao rather than crossing from Malaysia? I think most flights from London will go through Bangkok so I’d probably have to fly from Malaysia or Vietnam to Vientiane and then cross, its a little more hassle but I’m willing to do it if it makes my chances of less hassle significantly better. 






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  2. Thanks for all the advise so far, @BritTim I’ve already sent off for a new passport this morning, so I can’t change that now, but I’ll defo look into that Malaysian route.


    im wondering if it is wise or not to explain my case and ask for the tag to be removed under knew circumstances eg with proof of funds either at the embassy in London or the land border or weather I should keep my mouth shut? 

  3. 24 minutes ago, surangw said:

    were you able to get  back on the return flights  easily and in timely manner ?



    Yes, the return home was as efficient as I could have expected


    16 minutes ago, FritsSikkink said:

    If you have money get an elite visa.


    That’s a worse case scenario for me, while I could afford it, it would still be a big dent into my savings, I’m only 30 and would prefer to spend the money by investing it to further my education/career ect

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  4. I was denied entry at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi a few nights ago and sent back to the UK via china, the same way I came, it was rough! I’d like to share my story so i can get some advice on what to do next and perhaps shed some light on current visa policy.


    here’s how it went. I arrived at around 10pm with a British passport containing no current tourist visa but a history of VOA stamps and tourist visa’s scattered around between visa’s and the like from the United States, Mexico, India, Cambodia, Japan and others, the majority however where Thai stamps. My plan was to spend 30 days or so in Thailand this year before flying to India for a few months where i would obtain a tourist visa and come back into Thailand hence I didn’t make the difficult trip to the London embassy from my rural English location to obtain a tourist visa. The previous year I was also relying on visa exemption stamps with 30 day extensions, this I now realise was an error of ignorance on my side, but in defence of myself I spend 3-4 months a year out of Asia where I am working overtime, 7 days a week, I do not, and never have engaged in any money generating activity in Thailand, I also spend extended time in other countries, meaning that my total time in Thailand last year was around 6-7 months. 


    The first IO started to inspect my passport, he seemed to be checking this against his screen the convosation went a little like this...


    you where last here in September? Yes.

    so you stayed in Thailand 8 months last year? No, probably closer to 6

    you overstayed 2 days? No

    you went to India in march? Yes, for around 2 months.


    he then took me to a senior officer, who asked me why I came here. I answered I have a Thai partner and like to spend time here with her, he said looking at my passport this isn’t good, I said I wasn’t aware I was doing anything wrong, I said I can show you money (I had a few thousand pounds in cash with me) he put his hand up, not looking at me and shook his head. He said this is illegal and told me I wouldn’t be getting entry today. 


    The rest of the process went quite quickly, I didn’t really get a chance to argue my case and didn’t really know that it was over until i was waiting for the next plane home, which luckily was free. I had my picture taken in the office below and received a blue stamp in my passport, which apparently reads something like, lack of income, unable to support myself. This is plainly untrue as even if I did choose to spend the whole year in Thailand without doing my yearly work I would have enough funds to support myself living a comfortable lifestyle for 2-3 years. 


    my question is what to do next? I’ve been reading the forums and it seems my best idea is to renew my passport and obtain a tourist visa and enter through a land border, I should be able to get an METV, I’m assuming this will in its own right invalidate the terms of my rejection. I am willing to look into further visas also but right now I just want to get back to my partner so we can work further details out, any advice would be great, thanks 









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