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  1. Just FYI, in positive way, look up Thailand social economic policy. I think you will find it interesting.
  2. There are actually a number of laws against this type of behaviour. How the entire administration and law enforcement can sit on their hands until an official compliant is made just shows it is more important to respect the percieved status people above you before the law. Laws only matter when law enforcement is forced to act.
  3. It is very much like a Thai school. Don't actually do anything. Play some music, someone make a speech, run around with posters, hand out awards. Can we get a Mexican wave going?
  4. What exactly are they teaching them? Okay health hazard but what? Face mask? Limit breathing, don't go outside, skip school?
  5. You should be fine. Cash, your spot on, it's only 6k AUD holiday money. So what, your taking a break from work having 6 month holiday. You can get asked a few questions. So what. It is their job to ask. Working in Thailand carrying 120 THB. Ha! Go meet a few teachers! Don't worry too much. There's millions of arrivals and their certainly not sending 1,000's back. Relax
  6. Interesting. Even to sceptics that is a government stimulous that has gone directly into the economy. How about jumping over to the US Fed for a bit
  7. It actually appears like they ask the bloke to come back and put his head down to be half kicke. Why on earth would you arm police with anything. I just had one as a neighbour and I genuinely thought he was retarded. If someone had told me he had been in an accident and had experienced a brain injury I would have believed them. The very concept of respecting laws or others is frequently lacking. Do as much as you can get away with then cry over loss of face.
  8. I think it's pretty well been covered. It not necessarily the additional numbers of teachers or the caliber of them. Its just pouring whatever on a pile of <deleted>. Be it the administration, Thai teachers, the Thai approach to teaching, class sizes or existing foriegn, "ummm ... teachers" (by an extreme stretch). The entire approach to education is not designed to develop and promote learning. Greater focus on learning where ones station is in life. Don't like that opinion? Two minutes Google search you can come across some really interesting articles.
  9. Why I don't have a problem questioning polls it should be noted any poll is only a sample of opinions albeit then used to portray what a wider consensus is. Pretty well flawed in every aspect. Want to see a real funny totally flawed poll? Look at how US unemployment figures are derived. It really is a <deleted> moment given billions ride on it.
  10. Have your friend inform agent that they have no other option then to report the passport as lost and to give details of how unless passport is returned. Yes, it opens a can of worms but its their worms not your friends. You just politely explain the agent is putting him at undue risk. Your friends priority is having a valid passport with correct, legal visas. Otherwise Embassy stop and leave ASAP. And money back thank you! Don't be scared pushing back on these people. Politely but firmly End of the day think who has most skin in the game. Your friend can be deported and pay overstay. Couple 000s whatever. Agent, immigration under scrutiny?
  11. Regardless of what you think your printing out if your 90 days I'm Thailand the last 12 mths you ain't getting a tourist visa
  12. I suppose asking for your flight details would be out of the question?
  13. One thing that's overlooked in Embassies providing income verification letters is even if they can 110% guarantee that you are receiving that income in your home country it doesn't prove you can support yourself here. Misses what if any liabilities you have. I know people on 6 figure pensions that are broke and cash poor. Very! Even 65k thb per month, "historical", payments is only an indication at best that you will be able to continue to do so. Nothing is guaranteed in current economic climate. Far, far from it. Government backed securities? Yeap, that's a bit of a bad joke at present. Wanna go for bail out 3, 4 or 5. Even money in the bank secured by Gov't isn't totally safe.
  14. Good on them for getting stuck into reducing plastic. Shame people whinge about steps forward. Corruption? Waiting on global leaders to set an example. Or for humanity to outgrow greed. Take your pick.
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