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  1. Is Phuket a good place to live? After having spent some years now living in country, both Pattaya and Chiang Mai, I am wondering about a move to Phuket. I was there once circa 2010, noticed some bad smells, and promptly got sick (after a Starbucks coffee); probably because of piping and water problems that were persisting at that time. in any event for those who would not feel put out/off put by offering some very brief/basic advice I wonder if you find the area agreeable particularly for: - Reasonable proximity to food, particularly Western, maybe even within areas that are chiefly walkable - Areas where there is reasonably easy access to super-marketing - and where a car would not be needed, nor long motorbike treks - Of course all the usual nice things like quiet, anonymity and where everything doesn't close by 9 PM (bars excluded) - A (generally speaking) friendly enough nature of the natives, and foreigners. - I am assuming that the Internet is everything there that it is and/or isn't elsewhere? -And, for these things, is any particular area of the isthmus/Peninsula that you would recommend for meeting this criteria. Thanks a bunch guys!
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