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  1. And over the past few years - it seems the natives I fell in love with on my first trips in the 80's are no longer visible and on plentiful supply, replaced by cold, nasty, rude and even hostile strangers who seem to want to communicate: "we are barely tolerating you here." I would no longer describe it as LOS. If it wasn't for the fact that I am very comfortable with my hotel (in Jomtien) and the people who run it, and of course the still great food, the elephants and motorcycles, and the easy access to lovely (real) Thai ladies I would call it a wrap after my ~20 visits and maybe check out the Philippines. Vietnam was okay, (gorgeous little Asian Elizabeth Taylors) but Cambodia gave me nightmares. Something about torture prisons gives me the creeps. Laos twice was stunning, the natural beauty and the "happy pizza" was interesting but it's really pretty bare bones for a two month stay. So I'll probably head back to Siam but the dye is not yet cast for this winter. Thoughts anyone?
  2. And then spend twenty minutes looking for a trash disposal to drop them in..
  3. They destroyed Walking Street, I loved the freak show carnival, the Sodom and Gomorrah without the violence + cruelty, definitely the place to be for a guy like me at that stage in life, even getting up on the bar and dancing between poles with the strippers who didn't get mad - instead they made room. I had a very cute girl with me - not a working girl but a lovely young Thai lady (who later told me she was a lady-boy though I think she may have been playing with me - that was all the female I need - I didn't get close enough to verify one way or the other) she was enjoying the show and as I was cuddling her I was eyeing and ping-pong balling another, like I died and found myself in Heaven. Only a slight exaggeration. But now? What is it supposed to be? A rock'n roll Disneyland? Who needs that? And the overactive cops setting up road blocks and pulling over everyone, they shook me down for 20,000 baht claiming I blew a "seven" when the legal limit is two. Really? A seven? I had two drinks in about two hours so they smelled it - which apparently that - and guns and badges was all it takes. Worse part is adding the insult to injury, handing me back my keys as soon as I paid the "fine" - as if my alcohol level, a half hour later suddenly didn't matter.
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