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  1. I am alsways wondering about comments like those from Richard.
  2. When I first went to Singapore, I was getting 4 Sing dollars to 1 Oz dollar, now they are on par.Its heading that way here too. That is something to keep in mind. Its getting harder and harder to get a good nights sleep.
  3. Keep your eye on the exchange rate. If it crashed overnight as your transfer is taking place and its at he end of the month, you will have to start all over again, another 12 months. Now that is something I will be worrying about a lot.
  4. "if I were to fall ill and be taken to hospital, or be incapacitated in some other way, ". Thats only a couple of things that could go wrong, I can think of dozens more, If you want to know more, please feel tree to PM me.
  5. The Phuket Imm. notice is very clear, so why is this thread going to grow to a thousand or more comments, or pages. Its all been said before and things clarified by UJ.
  6. Get yaself a blood press meter, take over the counter pills, I take enaril, and see if they work, if not , try another, problem solved.
  7. You have to have health ins, rent for 12 months, a ;maid, But, get on a forem there, there are ways around things, I have checked ;it out. Or border runs to Singas.
  8. Malasia, Penang. If you got the money, long stay without hassles , google it for procedure . .
  9. Crossy has responded and I dont see a need for any other comments from members.
  10. Scattered all over TV there are answers, some right, some wrong, to my scenario, a Pinned thread by the TV visa expert I think would be good, the correct info , easy to find, so here goes. Joe Blogs goes to get his retirement ext, for some reason, irrelevant, he cant renew. He needs to stay in the LOS for as long as possible to either put things right, or get out. Would TV consider this, and only TV can answer that question.
  11. It is possible that JC and Central are owned by different companies. Just possible mind. If that is the case, Central would not want to , couldn't, upgrade JC. Just a thought. There is only a fixed nr of people who shop. Because there is a new shopping precinct, the population ain't gunna increase. Therefore, traffic congestion cannot change, increase.
  12. I believe the expats who cant meet the financial requirements to stay here should be hired to do those jobs under a new type of visa. Maby "Retire work Extension of stay".
  13. Stay, stand and fight like a man, running away never solved anything.
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