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  1. Ex millitary thermals for sale cheap as chips !!.. trust me i am a liverpudlian and free post too oh yes !
  2. Thai times they "are a changing" other than that let your topic help others.
  3. No predictions in the last reply as i read it some hours ago and i quote 1 of Leonard cohens songs on the so called future, "it is murder"
  4. Here is the latest on my gourds venture with the coffee grounds helping them on the way these plants are the results of just the contents of 6 gourds i bought on e.bay for my craft projects and i now have well over 100+ plants on the go !
  5. I had grumbling apendix donkeys years ago and it hit me just above the groin area but due to my total dislike for hospitals and there smells i put up with it and my quak sugested i stop eating tomatoes of all things ... something to do with acids and the seeds but it cleared up and never returned i think your problen is not in that area lower down.... let us all know how you get on ey.
  6. So glad i am skint , 12000 bhat per year is all i need for another stamp these last 10 years NUFF SAID.
  7. Its a bloody scam to force you into buying in bulk stocks of yellow temple candles.
  8. Sadly happenings such as this i fairly common amongst poverty stricken people world wide rather traumatic all round.
  9. Heres a little teezer ! Thats as funny as hell , but i do have a block of CG soap that i thought was some sort of charcoal malarky.... black seems to have a brighter future ey !
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