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  1. Just use an individual Thai name and it works very well ! Who care laws when they are stupid ? not me !
  2. So the G1W and Xiaomi are still the best among the cheap dashcams ? I find so stupid to buy an expensive device that stands under the sun...
  3. For 50k I would prefer to wrap the car, a lot better job that can't go wrong. I would never let the losers here respray my AMG.
  4. Just a golf greens, all this is nice on photos, but in real life, it's so hot that I prefer cities malls !
  5. hello, do you have an idea if this seller from China sells authentic Nike shoes ? https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/da-sheng-ji-tuan-1523748413
  6. One more ? So many around now ! Do they belong to the same owner ? And how can they make money with such investment ? Is it only clothes laundry or also money ?!
  7. Knowing the price of these machines, I also wonder how they hope to make money ?
  8. weed is still cheap and no problem with cops there, so why complaining ?! 5555++
  9. he doesn't need to divorce if he doesn't want and he doesn't need her because he doesn't need an extension, he can just go out every 3 months and come back. no way that any she would be allowed to do what she wants. She was happy to enjoy my money for so many years, so my turn now to use her.
  10. yes please, give us her contact details.
  11. what about pick up bashing ? what do you have to carry to think that you need a pickup ? most of the people never have anything in the back ! and these cars are so ugly and boring to drive, that I would prefer to walk !
  12. Discovering Thailand (and maybe soon understanding?) after 20 years around...
  13. Any extension is only needed for people who are too lazy to cross a border every 3 months and I find it ridiculous, so people just deserve all the troubles that happen when visiting immigrat.
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