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  1. One word for you: Falklands. Y’all weren’t too happy about that “historical accident” going to another country.. All your other “intellectual” questions have been answered. Denmark is a fine steward of Greenland and Greenland’s population is content to autonomously Danish.
  2. You state this as a fact but reality seems to counter your position. Which business environment is ascending and which is declining?
  3. 5555... yes "open systems" politically funded by... wait for it... yep, multinational corporations... hmmm.
  4. How cute. In 2019 you think multinational corporations give a flying feddoo about "patriotism".
  5. Obviously you haven't a clue about supply chains and manufacturing.
  6. Expats are a very small community. Not exactly a mirror reflection of the economic or demographic realities in the USA itself... or anywhere else in the world other than other western expat communities.
  7. Hmmm... who do you envision buying that debt? Or are you promoting a paradigm change in how the USA funds it's wars and tax give-aways?
  8. Yep. We is what we is. We stopped that whole "more perfect union" thang decades ago. No need for self reflection.
  9. No. It is a very logical comparison for any student of history.
  10. Because the police work for the govt. Have you been watching HK?
  11. The PBs are but one faction of modern fascism. They are a male chauvinist group which promotes political violence. It is true that Antifa are are not resisting 1930s Nazis, they are resisting 2019 fascists.
  12. Yes. And the only thing that hangs in the balance is the survival of the human race. So lets do nothing, or gamble that the scientist are wrong and move in the opposite direction, and just wait and see. Good call going all-in on that bet...
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