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  1. As soon as you prove (prove, with evidence) that 45 is not driving the nation headlong into facism. See how that works?
  2. Apparently you do not understand the first amendment.
  3. So in your world a Daily Caller affiliate is a "known lefty". I just stopped reading your drek.
  4. Probably because some "free vitamin D" (sunshine?) and some public service adverts aren't going to help now. It takes TIME for a switch to a healthy lifestyle to take effect. What you seem to be advocating is a non-existent quick-fix.
  5. So you have never visited the Thai Ministry of Public Health website, have you? Like virtually every other country in the world the Thai govt DO provide the recommendations you are asking about. Like most other countries in the world, providing the information and getting people to follow it are two very different things.
  6. And if it is a bust like 90% of vaccines? This is what seed money for research is for. Stating that you are ordering 300 million of something that has a GREAT chance of failing is only for show and the accompanying stock boost.
  7. Training in a gym is definitely NOT required to maintain good health for anyone, much less 100% of the general pop.
  8. I have not read the entire thread... pg 01 was just an echo chamber of thoughts already stated ad infinitum. My thought is WHAT? Why would any one or any nation be ordering million, 10s of millions, or hundreds of millions of anything which is, as of today, unproven in doing what it is asked to do? This is what seed money for research is for.
  9. Another thought. All of this used to be addressed in grade school in what was referred to in my jurisdiction as, "health class". Due to some govts war on education and defunding of such, there is no new "health class". This sort of education should not need to be pulled out as a last resort while we are in the midst of a pandemic, it should be core education.
  10. To those promoting vitamin and supplements: would y'all like to address the issue of absorption and efficacy of vits and supplements vs getting everything from actual food and sunlight? Also the issue of total lack of regulations in the vit/supplement industry and the fact that you have absolutely no real clue of what you are taking?
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