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  1. Being happy and satisfied in Thailand these day is equal to be stupid, blind and ignorant!’ I can live with that
  2. Where did you see I dismiss every story from past? I only dismiss gods spoken words in the bible, tora, or Koran! It is family and their tribes books. Nothing else! The chosen people, do not aknownledge Jesus, but Islam do as an profet
  3. A good history will always have a influx of the storytellers colours, exactly the same have happend to the big book. Stories have been changed, stories have been added, and taken away to suit the whole truth of god and his family.
  4. Before you say anything more, take a good look at Usa as a normal middle class cutizen, and an normal middle class citizen of russia. I guess you would be surprised.
  5. Here it comes. Fox news found one, who could make a very good understandable explanation of Trump´s decission. Fantastic
  6. And who had to pay for the richer to get richer? Americans, at the same time jobs dissapeared to South America, India and China. Well done
  7. Let me see how long time I could spend in Phil for that money? 818 000 pesos. Would give a hole year in Phil
  8. Or, they actually put it on your tires I use motorbike cleaners, never a car wash for my bikes.
  9. All it takes, is to believe in mother earth, and warship her, respect her, and treat her as a mother, not abuse her and use her as a garbage can as we do today. That would give hell of alot more meaning than warshipping a book
  10. I can still learn to spell but, english is not my first language. (Thank god)
  11. Most of all I get <deleted> of those who claim Thailand is bad, difficult when it is their lack of knownledge and lack of plan when they first moved here, and was a millonere. Thay have had their time, but did not think of tomorow for one second. Now, visa is difficult, insurance is difficult, and they are stuck here with expensive house/appartmen, can not sell, everything is in another name, and their pention, is worth <deleted>. They also been treathing their body like a garbage can, and also never ever thought of getting older and keep their health. Now cambodia is next destination? What I ment, it is hard to see who have been bad treated by thailand new rules, and those who should have seen it coming. To much noise Thailand is a country where you have to expect changes, and maybe those changes have come faster than most believed. Still a dictatur, and do not or have never put their own people first (except those who inside the right circle), so why should they do that to foreigners?
  12. Not sure where you come from, but I am from a Schengen country, and if travel on a tourist visa, they need travel insurance to show in the application beforehand! Family reunion do not need!
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