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  1. Not my house, and Im at the moment offshore at work. I have spent my last night without aircon in april. Im looking at a portable one to? Anyone with experience? Astina 14 000,- baht 12000btu
  2. If someone have a link, I would apreciate it. It have to be Homepro, since they install it, and I can not be present when that happens.
  3. Need aircon from Homepro, could anyone help me to decide what to buy from Homepro, since my experience with them is most expensive for the falang, and not what I really need! 25m2 bedroom and need one good silent and at least 12000btu, but not more than 2400? Thank you Link to Homepro with my filters https://www.homepro.co.th/homePro/th/search?q=%3Apopularity-desc%3Abrand%3ABRAND_DAIKIN%3Abrand%3ABRAND_ELECTROLUX%3Abrand%3ABRAND_HITACHI%3Abrand%3ABRAND_LG%3Abrand%3ABRAND_MITSUBISHI%3AMA_Feature100%3A15%2C000%2B-%2B19%2C999%2BBTU%3A&text=Air+conditioner&priceFilter=12734+TO+27027&selectedView=listView&sort=&sliderMin=11990&sliderMax=90300#
  4. The less I understand of Thai, the better. Just want to live in peace and quiet, and that means I do not need to use energy to try to understand thai. My partner speak good english, and make my life easier for me.
  5. Need a car we can use for a bit longer distance once and awhile. Any suggestions?
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