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  1. And again, that could easily be us in future, creating life, and populate other planets, and other galaxies. We can become god. But again, if a creator, who created the creator and so on. Im happy to live my life in trust we just have this time, so no reason to waste it on things we can not know, but at same time be seeking som kind of accept and understanding. Be good, do your best, and live life the best way you can.
  2. Oh, done, one in dog kennel, and one at balcony, and a small fridge with freezer insice bungalow as well. Why gym? I only do watersystems now, so no more hard work for me.
  3. Here we are one year + later Now we moved out of Hua Hin, living in Isan, and who thought life would take such a wending? I have a great time up here, and found a meaning living up in a village I thought I never ever would settle. Mom and dad is now hired 14 days each a month for 10 000,- baht, and they support themselves home now. I think first time in life they had reliable income every month. Budget so far with land borholes, tanks 46m3, pond, atv, Buildings at includes a bungalow with sleeping room and bathroom annex includes kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, gym, trees, wateringsystem, pumps, 3 aircons In process garage/workshop, carport and BBQ house. at her parents house bathroom, kitchen aircon All work included At total 2,1 million Well, so far so good. To be continued and big thanks for everyone who have contributed with answers and advises.
  4. I have seen many places where thai ladies have children, they do not take care themselves, and let some elder in family do. House cleaning is one day job at least, if ever do in my view of cleaning. Im sure some here know what I talk about, without trying to generalize the whole thing. Take care have a different meaning among most people and cultures, and some is better than others. With all my knownledge, I will salute the Nordic women, who work, exersize, do school meetings, shopping, take care of house with their husbands, and also do work full time. Impressive above anything else I have seen around the world. On top of that, they even pay their share of the household.
  5. I do not see equal means who do what in the house or garden matters. Equal means alot more than that. For an instanse, I do not do housework, my gf do, I provide everything needed, work in the garden and do necessery work she do not do. But I can do housework if she wants me to do, and she did go to work every day outside house. No problem, and have done it before, when I had a western gf, me working 2/4 scedule offshore, and she worked every day.
  6. I have been in focus due to my sport, and naturaly got exposed in media, and also at sports events. Thats what it takes. No need to be fotomodel, singing or showing big money. Especially after tv, magazine or newspaper as even radio exposure, the factor incrised Dramaticle. Another thing, is to move to a small village backcountry in any nordic country, new flesh and blood in town also attracts women.
  7. Basicaly we are tribe people, and need the mix of leadersand followers Of both sexes to survive. Equal gives a different meaning when daily living is about surviving.
  8. That says more about you, than the womens strenght! (Sorry could not resist) Yes women begging for sex, and they for sure also pay for sex, and do sex travels. Just try to say no to a woman who is turned on, they think they can do anything, and there is no limits. Believe me there is nothing worse than a woman who begging for sex,
  9. Bible was the best gift to those who already was rich, and to those who was talented to preach and make money on poor people! Also a gift to those who did not see any purpose of life, and found their way trough religion. Good tribe for those who is lost
  10. Wondering how much the flight tickets will be by then compare to before shut down.
  11. Back home and see family, anything else than that I do not miss a thing yet. Been a great time out so far.
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