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  1. Believe me, there was a phuket site and if I recall correct, infophuket.com? Or so, that got me thinking the same
  2. Maybe you should share a bit more about your idea, and what your questinary is all about. Very few will hit that link right now as it is.
  3. Just remember all legal papers if you use another amphur.
  4. Can not edit posts anymore here now? Also be awere of copy medicine or fake medicine they sell over counters here in Thailand. Not always you get what you think you buy.
  5. Seems like you should read up on the side effects closely https://www.drugs.com/neurontin.html
  6. If she deny to divorce, then it is a long and hard process according to those I know have been trough it. Just remember if you still married, you still have obligations and as well responsibillity to your spouse, so if she does any illegal, and you have possisions like appartment, bank account etc, you might be forced to pay for her actions.
  7. Why he have to go to Divorce court? He only need to show up at the Ampur they got married with two witnesses each. Sign the papers and finished. If she want to do it alone, it is two or three years with his absence, and then she can get the court to annullate the marriage. I do not remember how long, but one below your reply say three years. Or she pays the money the court want, and off she go.
  8. If you feel so, it is either one out of three or maybe all three. 1. You are among wrong people And wrong places 2. You can not adopt and behave 3. You are getting paranoid. If my missus trow me out, It have to be I made a mistake choosing her, or I did not behave and been a good boy. The most important is, never to invest more than you can leave, as nr one rule. It not so complicated to have a good life here, but it takes some common sense and pink glasses to survive in a dysfunctional country like Thailand. However the best dictatorship in the
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