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  1. It is sad and pitty it go so far sometimes, but my experiences have been different from yours, but not the condo staff who handled the dogs, they are mildly said useless for everything than just sit on a chair and look stupid with a funny smile or grin on their face.
  2. there is places you should not walk where it is dogs or houmans packs, and it is just matter of location. If its outside your door, then you have to deal with your neighbour and your community you belong to, and they will in most cases make the problem dissapear. Most likely over the hilltop to the naighbouring village. Out of sight, out of mind.
  3. Aggression against work 99,99% of the time, but if you meet the wrong handled dog, with a pitbull, amstaff bully breed in them, you are big time F....., they do not back down, they continue to move on forward, and because of you stupid s..... you will be bitten and attacked, and very well deserved since you could have let them sniff you out if you stopped, and thrusted they just warned you, and wanted to check you out. Padaling is triggering something in every dog or wolf, and as everyone else said, stop any movement, or stop completely and they will (most of them) back off. With the wrong dog
  4. If it was only for girs, I would have stayed in Brasil, hands down to my taste the most sexy girls on planet, and less complicated than any other girls I have met. Just add a note, and that is the girls I was lucky to meet over there compare to here. I choosed thailand because of easy to travel back and forth to work with direct flights, and also the reason I did not choose Phil as well before Thailand. However I tend to equal Thai and Phil for different reasons to be a place to live for future, and Brasil as well. Hard to choose for me between those three, if the tr
  5. The thing is either you regret or not, you really do not how life would have been if you choosed different. Quite possible you would have made the same success or same mistakes somewhere else, felt the same of different reasons, but no matter what, Im happy I choosed to stay last year when coronna started to appear and take grip on the world. Only lived in thailand for 4 years now, but have travelled asia and thailand for 20 years.
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