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  1. I would say crime against kids, should be death penalty! Anders Breivik the norwegian terrorist = Death penalty after one year where each day would be a countdown, and a reminder of the kids he killed and the families involved. I see no reasons for him to serve life time or in worst case let out of prison after maximum time. There is no way he can walk free ever, and let him rott where he is, is not an option either. Free the society from such people. Even I knew I was innocent and got the death penalty, it would have been bether to get it done as quick as
  2. 4500 years ago they built the great pyramid of Giza, I believe they where able to imagine and aim high than any science fiction story we have today. Incredible things they invented back then, and incredible faith in gods and mystics it must have been. And there is no way you can dismiss established religions for your own belief in god, gods or higher power. We are all formed in some way in religious thinking.
  3. Some live and learn early in life, and know the chasing is just a repeat of everything you have done before. When you get to that point, some earlier than later, it is quite comfortable to find a partner you can live with for life, if not, at least longer period of life with joy, instead of think you loosing out. It is Like going to the pub with your fellas, and realize you have done this for years, and not a single thing have changed. The same beer, the same stories, and the same girls, just different clothes and shapes. Theres is so many more layers to life than jus
  4. I guess you are missing out on some experiences, and do not feel how it is to truly care for someone, and how that feels. That special feeling that makes you commit
  5. Still, you do not need to cheat if you have a ok relationship with your wife. It is not a rule, that nature is like that, and you have to be cheating? Then you should accept your wife cheat on you to? If you can not get the work done, she can go to someone else to get her needs helped out in the best manner? Especially if she is a younger wife,
  6. Massage and an helping hand ? Is that cheating? If sex life is over, and you still have a drive, it is not cheating as long you still provide and take care wife? Hope I do not need to know any reasons for many years to come.
  7. Most hygenic, gentle, best work and not necessery the price wise best! Updated info as well and hopefully a name on a female dentist with small hands, since I found them as the best dentist I had before. Need a bit cosmetic work done, to make my smile prettier. Found Orthosmile Dental Anyone had recently experience with them?
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