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  1. I am sure this is not the first or the last. This will continue with the emergence of more and more Chinese. The word "foreigner" is used for Chinese people. Everyone is aware that the Chinese are here to buy property, rent their property and make money. Everyone should be aware that the authorities will not stop this happening for the Chinese. The occasional raid(for the newspaper) will change nothing. A few years ago the Russians were allowed to do whatever they wanted and this will be repeated yet again when the next country decides to invest in Thailand. Everyone should remember that this is an amazing Kingdom open to all nationalities, always has been and always will be. Nothing will change. The Chinese will continue to arrive, (for now)spend their money, take over certain areas and it will be allowed to happen. Thailand is a wonderful place compared to the rest so everyone should be excited and grateful to be living the Kingdom.
  2. I wonder how many fake passports and money and visas are already in circulation! The Chinese can and do forge anything and everything.Immigration are allowing them in virtually undetected!(Australia, USA, UK have been wary for years) I am not sure this story is entirely true but I suppose it is trying to show that the new systems are plausible and that immigration are competent in their duties. I hope there is more to come for all nationalities who are already in or entering the Kingdom for illegal activities.
  3. Sounds like he has a mental problem. No one would/should steal a smartphone and run, obviously he would have been caught, Illegal entry also. There is probably more to his story that will not be reported. He will be introduced to the Thai penal system with time away and deported but it might have been his intention. He may have problems in France and he unwittingly thinks the French Embassy will help him. He may have run out of money and thought his only option was arrest, detention and deportation. He will have time to think and realize his stupid behaviour before returning to France. Admittedly my hypothesis may be very wrong but........!
  4. Private hospital stay in the USA, Australia, England also very expensive. If the guy went to a private hospital it was probably covered on his insurance. If not, why go to hospital for the runs! Pure stupidity if not insured. Any pharmacy in Thailand has a cure for the runs for less than a hundred baht. These people do not think. What would they do in their own country? This amazing Kingdom has fantastic hospitals(private and government) with professional, courteous and knowledgeable staff. I would suggest that the negative comments are related to y lucky ones who have never visited a Thai hospital for emergency treatment.
  5. Nothing will change. The Chinese are spending and buying (for now) and no-one will stop it. A casino or two will be built very soon to cater for the Chinese. The Chinese are already gambling at present and again no-one will arrest them or stop them. The Chinese know they have the money and the power to do whatever they want and no-one will stop them. The Chinese have taken over in Laos and no-one has stopped them. Money and power leads to corruption and all manner of illegal activity in Thailand. as everyone knows. Let the Chinese have their shot (remember the Russians!) for a few years and the only question is who will be next? Good luck to them, soon the bad elements will arrive and hopefully everyone else will be left alone to enjoy this fantastic Kingdom.
  6. The beaches are unimportant to the Chinese tour buses. The traffic and accidents are unimportant to the Chinese tour buses. The rest of the world and it's population are unimportant to the Chinese tour buses and the Thai tourist economy. As long as the Chinese keep coming and spending money these little things are unimportant. Chinese, money and more money will win every time.
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