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  1. It comes down to ignorance of local customs. Real monks dont wander about the streets talking to tourists. They come out after 5 am collect alms from shopkeepers then shuffle back to the temple before 7am. They only come out during the day if running an errand of some kind.The fake monk in the pick up is still in bed with a whore or boy in the morning. Disgusting creeps.Police are useless.
  2. The tourists were lucky the soi monkey didn't pull out a knife or gun from his shoulder bag. A motorbike taxi punk did it to me some years back.Another driver pulled him away thankfully. Why do tourists still buy fake crap watches? Fake Rolex &Taghuer are sold in China for about 100 baht.Just about everything here in los is Chinese fake.Even expensive rayban sunnies in shopping malls are often copies.
  3. They have to make sure first they don't arrest someone who is 'protected'. Phuket is full of mafia and dark influences. Thailand's insane property laws encourage violence against Thai and farang. How much development in Phuket is actually legal especially on beach front land & mountains that are considered sacred grounds .
  4. Case closed. Sounds like a gay lovers tiff. One Thai the other Thai-farang. That combo doesn't seem to work well here.
  5. Thai army is the laughing stock of the military world. It has almost 2000 active generals and navy admirals, not including the countless thousands of retired generals who have their snouts in the trough. All generals have their own staff and house servants.(soldiers) Unlikely any generals have seen combat as there have been no conflicts for decades. Their last 'battle'was basically a skirmish with Laos in the 1980s which little Laos won.
  6. ...the army Is always on the side of the people.... What a load of garbage.Why do these toy soldiers even bother opening their mouths. Why are they even talking to the media? This clown has obviously never looked in the mirror. All those medals and badges can be bought in flea markets in Bangkok. His whole appearance is ridiculous.
  7. You can't complete a sentence anywhere in the world without the word China popping up. Even Africa is experiencing the Chinese miracle Wait and see. When the bubble bursts it's likely to be a biggie.. Buy real estate when there's blood in the street.
  8. Nothing has changed in Pattaya since the 1980s when I first visited. If anything, the police are more tolerant today. If a farang smashed a police window back then he would of copped a flogging for sure. I remember a farang sitting by himself in a Pattaya 2rd bar and suddenly a gang of Thais pounced and bashed him into the next IceAge. Only some tourists who intervened saved his life. Drunk agro farang seem to get treated softer these days . Can't see it lasting.
  9. This is hardly breaking news. Thailand's biggest attraction is the sex industry. Every Friday night Singaporeans & Malays pour into LOS for a weekend of boom boom not shopping.. Massage parlors, spa clubs,brothels, karaoke comfort girls, pool hall girls,beer bar, gogo bars,night club girls and truck stop short time 200 b hookers abound in Thailand. Can't walk 300m inany direction and not bump into one of the above. Much less distance in Bangkok of course.
  10. The snake catchers also come around to your house in Bangkok to remove large snakes which still happens from time to time. Good service.
  11. I've never had a problem with cabs in Bangkok. Speaking Thai obviously helps. However,Sukhumvit rd is we'll known for its hustlers of all kinds. Who can forget the American Caterpillar executive who bad mouthed a cab on Sukhumvit rd and slammed the door shut. The driver went beserk, got out with a sword chased the yank down the street and chopped him up like sushi.Killed him in front of horrified shoppers and tourists. I think he posted bail for 10k. Might be wrong. Does anyone know what happened to that lunatic.Happened a few years back.
  12. Laos cigarettes cost retail 5000 kip or 20 baht a packet. They're OK.no better or worse than Thai smokes. Purchasing in bulk...hundreds of cartons will make them even cheaper with small outlay.Mekong river isn't guarded during daytime. Thais are completely stupid. How can you impose huge taxes on smokes when you share porous land borders with countries with dirt cheap smokes? No consequences.? Thais don't smoke Laos smokes now but they will soon.!!!!
  13. Virtually everything in Thailand is a monopoly or racket of some kind.Thais don't like competition. If they can't tax it, OK,mai pen rai then blacklist or deport it!.
  14. Have you forgotten to take your meds ? The US economy is doing fine and Trump is marching towards another 4 year term.The last thing America wants is another corrupt Democrat administration.
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