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  1. So Far My Timeline Application at Special Branch -Mar 2018 National Intelligence Agency interview - April 2018 File sent to MOI - AUG 2018 Ministry of Interior interview - DEC 2019 Oath - AUG 2020 Royal Gazette announcement : WAITING
  2. SB office just called back moment again and said this group in RG including sep and oct 2019 Nov and Dec will be next , and lets see in December he will keep me update i said krub P.
  3. I was in December 19 But really happy for all brothers who made it. and for those waiting will be more happy soon
  4. i just talked to my SB officer and he said there will be another RG soon, he not mentioned when but only said rayo rayo nee. Neeraman brother took oath in end July i took oath after 1 month 26 August, . lets wait for another one as it was in Feb 2020 and Mar 2020 for male.
  5. This is the email National Intelligence office send to my friend for preparing interview on 25 Nov 2020 @ 10:30 AM This is for new comers who already submit documents.
  6. Once again Congrag and Enjoy the moment early bit Christmas gift
  7. Neeraman brother Congrag December 2020 No i am not in it. Hope for next one.
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