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  1. I'm not sure if it's foolish, misguided or downright pathetic for a foreigner to cone here and spend his money supporting his girlfriend's family. They don't like you, you just think they do because you're spending money on them. I really don't understand why people get into these situations . Is it a lack of self respect by accepting they're only a cash cow ?
  2. Yes that's right. We all want the times of old. The difference is we are willing to speak out. Thais are lethargic to the point of laziness. They expect everyone else to do it for them and accept corruption as a life style. Nothing will change, in fact I predict it will get worse
  3. Why would anyone get involved with a girl that expected them to support her family?
  4. And you stood by and let this all go on around you. King of the castle. Get your wallet out
  5. Oh yes. Lots of oncologists here mate. Get yourself down to the nearest hospital and talk to the pharmacist. Stupid question
  6. Never lived in essan??? God , no. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it .
  7. Because they are thai and think everything revolves around money. Can't show love or appreciation unless it involves money. No such thing as a good deed. Everything has a price if you're a thai
  8. Thais obsession with money is quite distasteful. Why give here a credit card. Why not a kiss and a big thank you. Thais and money , it all very vulgar.
  9. And the girl in 7/11 who short changed me. . .jeez
  10. Although, social media does need the haters and detractors to keep the others in check and offer opposing schools of thought. Although, maybe Greg goes a bit far. Anyone with a negative bit of criticism is tabled a hater.
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