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  1. A thai royal decoration. And then they met chan-ocha. Hmmm.
  2. Model, influencer, I think she's a scrounger. Or at least her parents are. They think the world should look after their little darling because she brings so much pleasure to others by living it up on a sunny beach in a bikini. Here's an idea jock, take care of your kids, sell your house and get her home. Obviously not a celebrity that's why she's only got a paltry 20,000. Waster child from skint parents.
  3. Doesn't need one. He has a diplomatic passport. Red passport that all senior government officials have.
  4. Big Joke travels on a red diplomatic passport so his entry to usa is unhindered. Special advisers to the PM's office all have them
  5. Nsp64


    Thats the spirit
  6. So enlighten us captain smug. If you can stop condescending long enough, share your wisdom with us dumb mortals
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