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  1. 7 hours ago, cornishcarlos said:


    In the above example, I said I would help her out with maybe 3.5k/month toward the installments.

    She has no rent to pay and minimal living expenses, a car is her dream, so why not !!

    Why not??

    Cos she ain't got no cash.

    But you're the dream maker, so away you go

    Make sure you've got enough dough for when she defaults.

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  2. 9 hours ago, malibukid said:

    tried to solicit opinions from random Thai shoppers.  and they all replied, "Thai people not talk about elections"  how strange i thought. 

    Democracy requires fertile ground to grow.  it is a living thing that requires nourishment in the form of healthy debate in an open society.  it can not be taken for granted and must always questioned.

    it can not be left to stagnate.  i do not foresee this happening anytime soon in Thailand


    Thai people not talk, that means I wont talk.

    They cant even express opinion whilst not wanting to talk

     . . . Thai people say, think, dont like is the answer to every awkward question.

    Speak for yourself coward. Dont hide behind a nation.

  3. On 5/18/2019 at 9:16 PM, KMartinHandyman said:

    The Sin Sod money I gave my in-laws and the wedding we paid for. It set a good tone at the start of our marriage with her parents and siblings. At 37 my wife finally fulfilled the traditional rural Thai expectations as the only daughter and the village got a modest wedding as any Thai to Thai commoners would provide.

    We splurged ฿1200 I think for an ice cream vendor which was well received and I went through the tables with a liter of Crown Royal pouring a sip for anyone daring to take a shot of farang whiskey. It was mostly the elderly who were happy to take a drink.

    The attendees were quite generous with the money given to the newlyweds which told me her family was well liked and respected and I split it 50/25/25 wife my wife,mil and fil in that order. The in-laws were surprised they didn’t get it all as they had paid in to all the other people’s functions for forty years and were now being rewarded but I told my wife it was our money and they can have half. They got over it.

    The biggest reason the money was well spent was my mil controlled most of the sin sod and went on a capital improvements mission of their house which hadn’t had repairs in thirty years since it was built.

    She had stored materials to contribute and lifted the second story with framing, siding, soffits and replaced the leaky roof. Built a covered front porch and installed double doors where there was a single. Installed tile in two rooms and bathroom that were bare concrete. She extended a covered breezeway area where they eat and she does here cloth loom weaving and crafts to make money above her rice farming. Next there was the detached kitchen and cooking building and a well pump at her fish/irrigation pond.

    She started all of this with less than ฿200k after papa got his cut but spent the money wisely, called in her favors and put her rice and crafts money with it for almost two years to whip the place into shape and have a very modest, functional and dry home for their later years.

    Good that she was driven and did this when she had time as papa never helped much before other than tend his cows but sure won’t be helping now as he had a stroke and is paralyzed on the right side. Most of her time goes to feeding, bathing, diapering and trying to figure out what he’s asking for with his unclear speech.

    The money didn’t pay for it all but it gave her the lift to get started and she followed through which makes me feel good every Sunday when we bring some food and cook, eat and visit with them.


    Sounds like they struck gold with you.

    Still paying out are you.?

    What is it with some guys? Doormats

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  4. 14 hours ago, XenZen said:

    people need to wake up.  way to many are sick and perverted and that's why they come over here, visa runs out, and then they figure they can just teach.  other teachers, farangs, i'm sure know the guy is off but afraid to report and probably have no proof.  schools like the white face.  they should be called English "speakers" not teachers.   


    You know best

  5. 7 minutes ago, Skallywag said:

    Of course it is rape, if happened the way the Thai girl says. 

    If the Filipino man only said "sleep with her" and wanted an "all night experience",  nothing involving sexual intimacy, f@cking, sucking, or "boom boom",  was requested in his financial offering



    Oh pleeeeze. 

    Did she really think it was for a sleep over. No sex involved. 

    He offered her 2,500, she agreed.

    It was a case of " now we both know what you are, let's talk price "

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  6. 22 minutes ago, RobMuir said:

    Land Of Sad farangs who choose to make Thailand their home but spend their days making up stuff to belittle their hosts. 


    I predict this is going to be a mainly derogatory thread against the Thais and therefore will be very popular with the usual peanuts.


    scams and sh1t so far.


    Why not.???

    You love them so much

  7. 1 hour ago, richard_smith237 said:


    It basically cheap marketing aimed at those under retirement age who use social medial (facebook, Instagram etc)....


    You were easily enough lead, gullible enough and naive enough in your day to believe Magazine, Newspaper and TV adverts along with the occasional junk letter...  and perhaps migrated to being influenced by adverts which arrive on your computer browsing screen. 


    TV shows such as holiday programs, Top Gear also influenced us... 


    After reading this, some guys will still be convinced that nothing could influence them, they are their own man... But think back to the last car you bought... what opinions did you have and how did you arrive at those opinions - something / someone influenced you and it was probably an advertisement or someones review. 


    We're influenced in every step of our lives without even realizing it.... or rather our egos refuse to allow us to accept we can be influenced.


    Social influencers are just the latest in a successful line of marketing and the more social influence you have, the more perks you get for simply 'liking something' or having your 'photo taken with a product' etc... 

    Model, influencer, I think she's a scrounger.

    Or at least her parents are.

    They think the world should look after their little darling because she brings so much pleasure to others by living it up on a sunny beach in a bikini.

    Here's an idea jock, take care of your kids, sell your house and get her home.

    Obviously not a celebrity that's why she's only got a paltry 20,000.

    Waster child from skint parents.

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