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  1. I am a guy who always harps about his marriage being so perfect and always bashes on posters marrying bargirls. Not to worry, I am being kicked out today. I have been married for 4 years and the marriage has been peaceful, yet tense. Wife: Career woman, owns house, good salary, easily irritable, always moody, obviously not happy that I am a cheap charlie by not giving her a monthly salary. Me: Read a lot about Thailand before moving in, married carefully, ignore all the whinging and complaining from dear Wife.... that was until yesterday when I opened my mouth and finally told her off. Big mistake. Her words: "No future with you" "4 years wasted", need to get my life back", "want divorce" etc..... 24 hours before seems happy, hug, hug, chatty laughing....... Normally I would ignore it and let it pass and as a last resort would contact one of her good friends who would sweet talk her, but I think this time she is serious. I'll be out of the Thailand by the end of the month as my visa is expiring. Probably live the rest of my days in old people's home or if I get the guts wait until I am 60 and come back when I save more than million bucks in which case I will become a laughing stock of new generation younger guys who are dating successful career women instead of banging whores. BTW, the post is 100% serious. The only thing I am still debating is if I should just leave the country without saying anything and see if she perhaps changes her mind. I doubt it.
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