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  1. I dunno about Patters, but personal assistant jobs in Bangkok start at 100k up. The OP is probably getting a lot of replies from all kinds including 7/11 staff and hookers for sure which will be pretty difficult to weed out. The problem with Thailand is that labor laws have created a demand for a very few skilled people and unfortunately these people demand a premium. I am sure you could find a Russian female personal assistant with perfect English, but hey.... it's against the law. So, now you are only stuck with Thais. Personally I showed this post to my w
  2. I am sure some members on this site fell for the name Sophia Antonio but we'll never know.
  3. I don't get this. How is obese determined? Did they see him in person? I am 10kg from getting refused by this insurance, but I am 195cm tall. What a hell?
  4. Glad you refuted me on this important issue. How about the rest?
  5. One thing I noticed for many years is that those over 50 in Thailand think the world revolves around them. This is not a new trend. It started way back when the majority over 50 were complaining about backpackers, back to back visa tourists, teachers, their young bargirls who ripped them off, etc etc while thinking their superior retirement visa/extension will allow them to live in Thailand indefinitely. Meanwhile their pensions have shrunk due poor exchange rate, the Chinese have bought all the nice condos while they are renting in Niran and scraping by on 99 baht br
  6. Music is meant to pump you up. How can you get a good exercise with Mozart? Wagner is a good choice for murder but not treadmill.
  7. I don't disagree, but who brings in more money? Corporations run the world not mom and pop stores. This is also the case back home. I am simply arguing that the government doesn't care about small fish.
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