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  1. Next thing he will be audited by CRA for bringing 40 grand in cash outside Canada. The next level of stupidity,
  2. I believe Thai kill elephants and Thai hate Thai more than they hate Farang. Thai just like to kill each-other too much. Probably because they no have freedom to express themselves.
  3. That's not how it works. Cars don't lose 50% value just because 20 cars in stock were advertised at 50% off.
  4. That shopping mall is in on nut - farang ghetto. This will be happening more often.
  5. Maybe sex tourist like yourself should show some respect for people who are trying to make a living in a third world country and have to deal with this <deleted>.
  6. Jian Ghomeshi - a once famous Canadian host liked punching his "victims" during sex. Year later a dozen of women accused him of violence, but Canadian court eventually acquitted him based on email exchanges he had with them. Most of the women wanted to continue the "relationship".
  7. Yes, I know there are many pollution threads, but I would like to have one Bangkok specific. The 2018 thread can be read here. Posts from 2019 can be read here. So, today I woke up to 225 AQI. I know it was bad before I even looked at the app as the whole city was covered in fog. Every single day... at least in the morning the pollution is always at dangerous levels - over 150 AQI When is it going to be enough for you guys? I really love this city and as I mentioned before I can tolerate almost everything in Thailand including Thainess, but I can't tolerate this.
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