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  1. Location: Isaan The difference is he still owns his 24sqm, while your wife owns your bedroom, balcony and veranda.
  2. I have been selling on Amazon for years. Never did FBA because of ridiculous return policies, co-mingled inventory and absolutely having no control over your product whatsoever. And the fees are ridiculous for FBA. I don't see how could you do Lazada....you'd need to have a registered company in Thailand. That's the first and major requirement.
  3. To live in a house you can't sell with the rest of divorced Thai family. Nothing to worry about with THAT scenario. Man , I really hope Big Joke cuts retirees some slack. You have been the absolute blessing for a Thai economy
  4. Canada experienced a lot of plant closures since 2008. They were probably just sick of the unions. But don't worry. Canadian dollar tanked and Asians bought a bunch of real estate. The same may happen in UK. Expect 28 baht to 1 UK pound. It's a realistic and fair number.
  5. Completely false at least in the case of property. Your spouse gets half of condo. And a house? The same house you declared your wife was a sole source of income as otherwise it would be fraud? You guys make me laugh with your fairytales getting asthma attacks.
  6. How do you explain millions who enter Thailand on visa exempt entries? Frankly, I don't understand your post. I said some. There are FB posts about it. If an Immigration Officer suspects you are working here or have too many entries, you may get denied even on METV. Fact.
  7. Maybe his ex Thai gf will feel sorry for him now and move out from her brother's apartment after the latest fight.
  8. This is true. Dumb not so rich will come to Thailand. Better ones will buy real estate where as someone mentioned condos won't start falling apart after 5 years. That being said, there is no doubt that Chinese are fuelling a condo boom in Bangkok. Prices are going up. I may disagree about purchasing a property here, but I will never be in denial. Those who bought only 5 years ago made out like bandits on currency exchange alone. They could at least break even in Pattaya
  9. There is however plenty of evidence where foreigners got their properties stolen through crooked lawyer signatures and scummy wives. The government probably doesn't care if you use the company and they will care even less when you get skinned alive. Many such stories on Thai Visa with no follow-up. Go ahead, be a dummy
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