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  1. Actually he does have a point. Remember that documentary from a few years back about some fat brit buying a house with his bargirl under company name? She hired a lawyer who faked a signature and sold a house. Because he bought under company name and thought he protected himself he couldn't even sue a criminal lawyer.
  2. You should download tiktok app. You'd be surprised at how many young guys are bragging with being with women in their 50s 60s and 70s
  3. Oh, that's great, so they tested 69,799,978 of Thailand population? Thanks for the perspective.
  4. I am not going to deny the pleasures of having sex with a hot girl, although you even said it yourself you prefer single moms, so you admit that when it comes to it it's not all about looks. The thing is tho I'm not happy to pay someone who spreads for Indian gangbang as previous poster mentioned.
  5. I am not paying and I never did. You and brit can laugh at this statement all you want, but this is the truth. I am not married to a supermodel or a youtube or Instagram influencer.
  6. My wife is Chinese and I know for a fact Chinese citizens politely refused sinovac (arranged by Chinese embassy in Thailand for Chinese citizens), so I would like to have a choice.
  7. Still not getting any value for my coffee.
  8. Binance under federal investigation for money laundering. This is gonna be fun to watch https://www.barrons.com/articles/binance-is-under-federal-investigation-bitcoin-coinbase-and-the-crypto-world-are-reeling-51620940200
  9. So you didn't explain anything and the time to read your post cost me more than a cup of coffee
  10. What people really need to focus here and this is really encouraging is that tomorrow's numbers are likely to be 50% less.
  11. All over the Thai news now that just from 2 prisons they have discovered over 2800 cases.
  12. <deleted> numbers day after day. The only people who believe this scam are bootlickers.
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