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  1. Best attraction in that neck of the woods is the Hall of Opium in Chiang Saen.
  2. By the letter of the law if your wife (home owner) has non Thais staying she should report this to immigration. Don't believe you have anything to do with it but the fine is around 1,600baht so why not ride your luck as chances of anyone reporting strangers in the neighbourhood are slim. I certainly would.
  3. I didn't want to list it as it was simply outrageous. 50,000baht yup 50,000 for what was quoted as '6-9 months relief'. This was at one of the two top hospitals in Chiang Mai. MRI quoted at 12-15,000.
  4. Be careful mate. I have a dodgy right knee and have so far seen 4 doctors and all have given different diagnosis. Doc 1. 3 months back. X ray taken. Knee replacement required, 360,000 baht please. Passed. Doc 2. 1 month back. Tendon inflammation. Prescribed anti inflammatory pills which 'cured' the problem. Course finished problem reappeared. Doc 3. 2 weeks back. X ray taken. Osteoarthritis. Advised PRP injection which would give 6 months relief. Passed due exorbitant cost. Doc 4. Last week. X ray taken. No sign of osteoarthritis / No reason for knee replacement. MRI recommended which I am waiting to do. This is up north so hopefully your fare better in Bangkok. Sheryl recently recommended Dr Panya at Bumrungrad as best knee Doc in town. Good luck.
  5. Not KK but I asked Bangkok Bank in Chiang Mai to update my fixed deposit account yesterday to show the 800k was still intact and they did no problem.
  6. I was also there today for same arriving at 1030 and away by 1140. Would have been 10 minutes quicker but the only bloke ahead of me was missing some papers but no big deal. Make sure you have your bank book with you as this was asked for.
  7. PRP (with Hyaluronic acid) is available up north at Chiang Mai Ram hospital. I didn't go ahead as price quoted was absolutely hideous for a treatment projected to be effective for 6-9 months.
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