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  1. i pay the local government street clinic 500 baht per cortisol injection
  2. yes, there are a couple of unicorns that stands out, but the usual national trait is shy away from any bill, preferably handing it over to nearest falang in sight, under the pretense its what friends do. and friend is defined as 'happen to be around'
  3. after a couple of years of consensus that ph dont have power-outs i might be interested
  4. no, thais gets stingy when told to pay their ways, money is their only value, and they clinch onto it like if its life or death. same with 'face', theres no actual shame getting caught red handed with mischief, its that they got exposed and will have a harder time scamming ahead, which cause anger. not anger at them self mind you, but anger directed at whomever is deemed responsible for loss of future scams
  5. " Soi 6, preserved as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Hopefully.  "
  6. i'm not asking OP specifically, i'm hoping anyone know if i can take legal action. and no, you shouldnt say demanding, hoping is more adequate description
  7. thanks. can i take legal actions if it turns into a never-ending demands of 'additional proof' i transfer money ? i've been there done that and its not going to happen again, since nothing suffice anyway. and, can i enforce extension of stay based on legal action pending ?
  8. yes, i meant: with an embassy letter confirming my disability pension, do i still need to prove monthly transfer or not ? i still need to complement pension with a bank deposit to meet 800k , but i wont resort to montly transfers
  9. no, you arent going to get any benefits here, without an income theres no food, shelter etc. i would say the opposite are true, if 400k is locked up, its 400k less spending, this is a net loss for thai economy any way you cut it
  10. i'm not your match age vise, but as far as body failing and ailing i can empathize and relate. for me it boils down to stay or vietnam, i am not up to snuff for longer journeys. have a look at this thread https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1083782-its-painful-to-watch-visa-related/
  11. yes, bank account to bank account. so that mean combo method with embassy letter dont work any more, since i need to use the transfer every month, and use that as proof instead, which cost money every time i transfer no matter of amount. and who knows if transferring myself is accepted with my typical luck
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