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  1. i'll admit a carrier was flawed management of resources, but it would could serve well as a helicopter platform, and double up in peace time as sunami relief and the like
  2. diversity will go down while the market adjust, and a large numbers of items will eventually cost more, once they found their way back through new channels
  3. i saw a street dog that had been served look chin on a stick, i thought it dangerous, but the dog had the sense to carefully chew until he got pieces off the stick, i actually think it made his meal longer lasting and enjoyable
  4. just like every other nation, down to the typical sub division within air force, for the purpose of the ever increasing importance of satellites, nothing strange about it. it was to be expected senile tv members think they know better, hense the usual thai bashing re-occurrence
  5. it took me a week to adjust from 110 cc to 1100 cc, they are much heavier tho, people with weak legs arent really suited to drive them. i can understand the rationale for old people ditching them in favor of a scooter at age 60, or even earlier depending on strength & reaction time, even more so if you got a passenger
  6. no, the other side got nothing to do with it, the yellow light is an alert that it will soon flip to no go crossing the line when red comes on
  7. no, you just learned how that specific corrupt police interpret the law, in lack of knowledge or on purpose to make a buck on you. no way could this be law that if the light all of a sudden turns yellow, its a no go, its not possible to come from 90 km/h to full stop in less then a dm, which is what this law demand. it was always up to the driver to make the call on the yellow caution light. only the red is a no go, you must not cross the line once red is on, you already got the warning yellow light alerting you, theres no excuse or pardon for red light
  8. somehow you interpreted 'most woman' into 'havnt found' i have tried all classes and the only one that wasnt a 'little princess' feeling entitled to be fed by me was a dollar millionaire. ergo 'most'
  9. anything from 2 month to 2 years, buy expensive if available. i favor logitech but i favor big size even more
  10. im content with the indian tailor for clothes, he makes it just the way i want it. for electric, give up or move to europe, the contacts here are flat, and theres nothing you can do about it, nothing will ever be compatible or possible to plug in if you want spring loaded round pegs
  11. i think i read sex toys are illegal in thailand, this is a case that can be made for legalized dildos on behalf of health
  12. most woman here cant even take care of them self, they are not an asset, they are a burden
  13. i also knew an old man that was genuinely happy over how much money he saved, he was also very frugal. i was a bit the same for the first year or so, but i lost the plot and cant get back into my real self
  14. the 2nd part of the bum gun is to wai instead of handshake, and dont you ever forget it. i hereby swear i wont ever commit to a handshake with a thai, or falang that can be suspected of having gone native
  15. how do you mix the soap with the water ? and how can you apply it ? ...and i think i now know why people that cant afford toilet paper wai instead of handshake, and are by law forced to clean <deleted> with left hand, while using the right hand for feeding
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