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  1. For example Chile: "Chile, which started targeted inoculations late last year for front-line health workers, has been rolling vaccines out to older adults and essential workers after receiving nearly four million doses of China’s Sinovac vaccine in February. Today (27. March 2021), more than 33 percent of the more 18 million Chileans has one or both jabs, which makes the country one of the world leaders in terms of the percentage of people who have received vaccines." Chile: Alarming rise in COVID cases despite vaccination efforts
  2. Hospitals cancel Covid tests as beds run out - National Apr 08. 2021 "Bangkok's Ramkhamhaeng Hospital stopped offering Covid-19 tests because it does not have enough beds for patients …"
  3. The original plan to vaccinate priority groups such as the elderly and people with high-risk diseases first is obsolete?
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