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  1. This also applies vice versa - I have no problem with your approach. Everyone has to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of their individual situation, but from my point of view, the advantages of vaccination outweigh the disadvantages once a certain risk profile is reached, regardless of which vaccine is used. In my wife's company, ~500 people, that is over 90 per cent, have decided in favour of a vaccination with Sinopharm and most of them would now also accept Sinovac out of necessity due to the current unpleasant situation, although last month almost all of them claime
  2. What I would rather complain about is that even in comparison to the SEA region, too few vaccine has been/is being brought in here and of the few, the worst of all, the worse the more of it in relation to the far too few. The prospects do not seem good either, especially because of the lower efficiency of the obviously inferior products in this respect, a third booster vaccination will soon be necessary and we know that the procurement of sufficient material does not seem to be the core competence of those responsible Long-haul flights for people 60+ or with
  3. The company where my wife is employed has ordered Sinopharm and we both hope that they can get the stuff as soon as possible. We are both really more than sceptical about the Chinese vaccines but even if it was the worst product on the market Sinovac, we would take it and hope to bridge the gap until more reliable vaccine reaches Thailand …
  4. And I can't see China letting its citizens off the leash as tourists abroad this year.
  5. The ratio is more like four to one. 500,000 doses are "donated" and then 2 million vaccine doses are purchased for $30 (?) per dose or vice versa. At least a decent discount, if this vaccine were not the worst of all covid vaccines …
  6. It is good to know that there are still some brave people who dare to publicly question the obvious madness, but I think this statement is a bit exaggerated: “To be fair, Thailand’s healthcare system is top-notch; it is one of the world’s top ten,” she said …
  7. Another warning example for those "responsible" in Thailand should be Chile. There, too, Sinovac is predominantly vaccinated, but some experts speak of a "leaky vaccine“! ‘Leaky’ Vaccines Can Produce Stronger Versions of Viruses „Chilean health authorities announced a blanket lockdown across the capital Santiago on Thursday following some of the worst COVID-19 case numbers since the pandemic began, despite having fully vaccinated more than half its population. … … Chile has one of the world's highest vaccination rates. Around 75% of its 15 million targe
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