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  1. These things are generally phishing and trying to get you to sign into your account on a fake site. Check the message source to see the real origins of emails. I often get them allegedly from places I have no account or paypal when I know for a fact it is working fine. NEVER FOLLOW LINKS IN THE E-MAIL TO CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS: ALWAYS GO DIRECT FROM A WEB BROWSER.
  2. Our personalised plates cost 2000b
  3. Is it called English or American? unfortunately it changes from school to school depending on who books are purchased from. It is further confused by the use of upcountry teachers to set exams: these teachers have very little grasp of English language in real life!
  4. I thought you had to be in oz for two years to get your government pension.
  5. Guys I rest my case. I was thinking more of this but if you see that and think of kissing then no wonder you imagine devils everywhere
  6. At Stamford Bridge you are known as the bin dippers and have been since the 70's. The reason why is probably lost in the mists of time or explained above
  7. I live in Bangkok and I'm perfectly fine but if I'd have seen you in a bindippers shirt I'd have put my lipstick on and given you nice pout
  8. We have used 6kw steible Eltron water heaters for years. We have never had them full on. No2 about half way is the maximum for us. Great water heaters.
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